Honda has finally now launched its highly anticipated new 2017 Civic Si Coupe and Sedan. While it isn't really the Type R variant that everyone was hoping for, that will come out a little bit later, it still provides consumers with an additional option if they are looking for a sporty looking vehicle to purchase this year.

Power and performance

The 2017 Civic Si Sedan and Coupe comes with the same 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the standard coupe and sedan. However, Honda has fine-tuned the compact engine to produce 205 horsepower and 192 pounds-feet of torque.

While the figure is a bit underwhelming, when compared to the 306-horsepower engine on the upcoming Type R, it still provides enough grunt to get from point A to B in relative haste and in style.

The Si's engine basically produces the same amount of power as its predecessor, but it unleashes that power a bit earlier at 2,100 rpm. The 2017 Civic Si will become the most powerful Civic on the US market, at least until the Type R arrival later this year. However, the Si still pales in comparison to the power figures generated by its main rivals, namely the Ford Focus ST, the Mini Cooper S, and the VW Golf GTI.

No 5-door hatchback version

Honda has unfortunately announced that they will not be bringing a Hatchback version of the Civic Si.

This means that those who are looking to buy a Hatchback have to settle with the 180hp Honda Civic Hatchback Sport. Those who want more power will have to wait until Honda rolls out the Type R Hatchback, which is expected to completely trump all the other Civic variants, in terms of power, when it arrives later in the year.

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Aggressive styling and signature Si look

The 2017 Civic Si has been garnished with a number of brand new bolt-on upgrades. The exterior is equipped with a new aggressive front body kit as well as blacked out grills, a large rear spoiler, and a new trapezoidal-shaped exhaust. The interior has also been upgraded to look extremely sporty.

Inside, fans will find new bolstered sports seats complete with Si-brand stitching. Being a Civic, the Si gets all the tech users would ever need inside the cabin, which includes a 10-speaker system, climate control, heated seats, a 7-inch display, and rain-sensing wipers.

Suspension upgrades

Apart from the increased power output of the engine, the Si also gets some major suspension upgrades. The new variant now sports a customizable suspension setup that includes upgraded springs, upgraded dampers, a new mechanical limited slip differential, and the same front control arms from the Type R. All of the components are fully customizable via a new "Sport" button in the cabin.

The 2017 Honda Civic Si starts rolling into dealerships nationwide next month.