It is not just actress Laura Benanti who is copying First Lady Melania Trump. A growing number of American women are copying the Slovenian immigrant not by speaking with a strong eastern European accent but by undergoing cosmetic procedures.

When Republican candidate Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. election, the initial peg of women who seek cosmetic surgery was the real estate billionaire’s daughter Ivanka. However, cosmetic surgeons noticed recently a change in peg from the first daughter to the FLOTUS.

The ‘Melania Makeover’

Dr. Franklin Rose, a cosmetic surgeon in Houston, gave the popular cosmetic procedure the name “Melania Makeover” when he noticed a shift as more female clients cite the former model as their ideal face and figure to imitate.

The shift appears to have occurred as Melania became more prominent in her role as first lady and with her move to Washington from New York.

One of the women who asked Dr. Rose to change her appearance to look similar to Melania Trump is Claudia Sierra, a Texas mother whose story will be featured in “Inside Edition,” The New York Post reported. On Tuesday, she had eight procedures to look like the FLOTUS. It includes rhinoplasty, a Brazilian buttock lift, breast reduction, an eyelid lift, Botox, fillers, a liposuction, and other unspecified injectable treatments, according to Newsweek.

The ‘Ivanka Look’

To achieve the Ivanka look, Tiffany Taylor spent about $60,000 which included a mini eye lift, cheek injections, rhinopasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

After the surgery, she said in November she saw absolutely stunning perfection. She compared herself to an art piece with high points and some love.

The other patient of Dr. Rose, Jenny Stuart, spent half of what Taylor paid for even if she underwent the same cosmetic procedures. The lower cost was because her surgeon gave her a hefty discount for appearing on TV, presumably to endorse or discuss the surgery.

Dr. Rise reveals it is not just in the U.S. but even in China where the two Trump women are the popular pegs for cosmetic surgery. The Washington Post reported there are over 250 trademark applications in the Asian giant using different variations of Ivanka’s name submitted to the China Trademark Office in November, including the Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management which offers liposuction, breast enlargement, and other cosmetic procedures to make women look like Ivanka or other female celebrities.

On Wednesday, Melania Trump was seen wearing a $1,498 black dress from Farfetch while on the way to dinner at the Naval Observatory with her husband. The dress was originally priced at $2,995, Footwearnews reported.

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