Some people like visiting Disneyland. Some people love it, and then some people really love going there. Jeff Reitz fits into the third category. He really loves the theme park so much that he has visited it every single day since 2012. June 22, 2017, marked his 2,000th consecutive visit. The resort confirmed his visits and stated that it was back in 2014 when he hit his 1,000-day mark.

Disneyland visitor

On January 1, 2012, Reitz, an Air Force veteran went to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and had been going every single day since then.

He says it's just something to do and something to look forward to every day. Even though he works, he goes when he gets off and goes on some of his favorite rides before retiring for the night.

The Huntington Beach man is a Disneyland Annual Passholder who says he never gets tired of going to the theme park. He admits that he enjoys the attractions, the shows, the music, meeting celebrities and interacting with the cast members he has gotten to know over five years. He shared that his favorite ride is the Matterhorn Bobsleds. He has memories of riding it when he was just two years old with his mother. When he is not walking around or enjoying the other activities, Reitz says he sits and watches the people like Walt Disney used to do.

Reitz says he will continue to go as long as he can because he is not tired of going and he is not bored. Besides, it is a fun way to treat himself. He says he is not doing it to break any records. Rather, he is going every day because he enjoys it. His current pass is good until January 2018.

Started with a friend

When Reitz first started going back in 2012, his friend Tonya Mickesh went with him.

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Both of them were unemployed at the time, and they went to keep their spirits up. When Reitz became employed that same year at VA Long Beach Healthcare System, he didn't stop going to the resort. Mickesh did not go every day after she landed a job. Both of them were rewarded with a night in the Disneyland Dream Suite after they completed the first year.

The man's current girlfriend, Karen Bell of Costa Mesa, sometimes goes with him now.

Reitz's routine

The frequent visitor has a routine he follows. He always parks in the Mickey & Friends parking lot and has kept every parking ticket from the first day. He always goes to Disneyland first. Then he goes across the Esplanade to visit Disney California Adventure. He has eaten at almost every restaurant, but he said Pizza Port is his favorite place to eat. He posts several photos daily on his social media account.