Joy Harris appeared on WRIC-Channel 8 on Thursday, June 22 to announce an upcoming book signing of "Singing Ain't Enough." It is a book based on her grandmother's legacy. Harris is the granddaughter of Maggie Ingram, the late gospel queen of Richmond, Virginia who died two years ago at the age of 85.

'Singing Ain't Enough'

Harris is making her rounds promoting her book based on her grandmother's life. She started the book long before her grandmother died. Therefore, much of the information in the book came about from one-on-interviews Joy had with her grandmother.

Other information is based on extensive research compiled over a ten-year-period. Now that Joy has published her book, she wants others to know that even though Maggie Ingram was an iconic Gospel Singer with music that touched millions around the world, singing was only a part of her dynamic life. In her book that was released in February 2017, Joy describes how singing wasn't enough for her grandmother.

Last month, NBC News reported about Harris' book and gave illustrations and human interest stories surrounding Maggie Ingram's life. Joy wants her readers to get to know some of those things they didn't know about the well-known gospel singer.

Upcoming book signing

Harris has been holding book signings throughout the Richmond metropolitan area at local churches and other places.

Officials are welcoming Joy because of their love for Ingram and all the good she did in the community.

The next book signing for "Singing Ain't Enough" is scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 2017, at St. Paul's Baptist Church, 4247 Creighton Road, Richmond, Virginia after the 9 a.m. and the 11 a.m. worship services. The book is also available for purchase at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and online from Amazon where customers can read pages from the book before purchasing it.

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The book is easy to read with each of the 15 chapters focusing on events of a particular period of the time Ingram was born in 1930 until she died in 2015. While it would be ideal to read the book from cover to cover, it can also be read by going to a specific period in the singer's life because of the way Harris has compiled the information.

The cover of the book has a gigantic microphone as an illustration of what people know about Maggie Ingram, but inside the pages of the book is information that proves that singing wasn't enough for the gospel singer.

Those who have already read the book shared that it is inspirational and motivational that will help others fulfill their destiny whether it is singing or something else.