Plans have been revealed for four new ships to be launched by Msc Cruises that will each break the record for passenger capacity. These ships will not only be the biggest in The World but also extremely environment-friendly, according to the company. Each cruise will have room for a world-beating 6,850 passengers, 70 more than the current biggest cruise in the world, the Harmony of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. These ships will be equipped with 2760 cabins.

How big are the ships?

These world class ships will have a tonnage (total capacity) of approximately 200,000 GT and will be 154 feet wide and 1082 feet long.

Their launch year has been estimated to be sometime between 2022 and 2026. Liquefied Natural Gas will power these ships, which is a clean-burning fossil fuel. Pierfrancesco Vago, the executive chairman of MSC Cruises said that his dream was to build ships with no effect on the environment.

These revolutionary ships will cost a staggering €4.5 billion although no information has been provided regarding its onboard facilities. Travel-enthusiasts, however, have been told to "expect the unexpected" by MSC.

MSC has hinted that the ships will each feature cabins facing inward along with balconies that offer eye-catching panoramic views of the sea. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. The design appears to be similar to the Oasis Class ships by Royal Caribbean but these cruises will undoubtedly feature better facilities.

The most significant points are the environmental strides being made by MSC and the size of the cruises, although they're only slightly larger than the Symphony of the Seas (set to launch next year) and Harmony of the Seas.

What Else?

While these ships are doubtless going to be the largest in the world, other cruise lines are also planning unique features for their cruises.

P&O Cruises is in the process of creating ships with half a mile outdoor promenade with alfresco restaurants and an entertainment glass dome.

Another ship, Le Lapérouse by Ponant (a French cruise line) is set to feature a lounge area with portholes in the hull and a keel with hydrophones underneath it so that people onboard can hear and watch sea life below the water.

Mega-yacht Scenic Eclipse by Scenic, which is set to launch in August of the next year, boasts a 7-man submarine and two helicopters. Crystal Endeavor by Crystal Cruises, which is launching in 2019, is equipped with instruments for scuba diving, snorkelling, and underwater scooters. Rest assured that cruise-lovers are in for a treat in the coming years.