justin trudeau is considered one of the hottest politicians in the world. Well, that's according to millions of netizens who take notice of the Canadian prime minister's physique and charming smile. The 45-year-old leader immediately caught the attention of the public when he assumed office on November 4, 2015. He is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, and the second youngest to earn the post after Joe Clark.

emmanuel macron, on the other hand, is the current president of France, who formally assumed the office earlier this month. The 39-year-old president used to be a civil servant and investment banker before he entered politics as a member of the Socialist Party in 2006.

Trudeau-Macron bromance

The two leaders first met at the G7 summit in Sicily, Italy on Friday, May 26. Trudeau personally shared a few snippets from the encounter on his Twitter account and revealed they talked about "jobs, security, and climate" during the sit-down meeting.

On the same day, Macron shared a video of his meeting with his Canadian counterpart. The post showed Trudeau and Macron walking outside the venue while having a serious talk. The French leader even described his connection with Canada's PM as the new face of "Franco-Canadian friendship," adding that both of them will have to "meet the challenges of [their] generation."

Their chemistry immediately caught the attention of social media users who were quick to come up with witty captions on Trudeau and Macron's photos.

Most of them took notice of how the way the French president looked at his counterpart in their candid photos, while others swoon over the two "hunky" leaders.

Gender-balanced Cabinet

Netizens can surely agree that Trudeau and Macron are two of the most attractive politicians right now. But more than their looks, both leaders formed a gender-balanced cabinet after taking the office.

Trudeau was the first Canadian PM to observe such practice in 2015, while Macron did the same thing when he was seated on May 14.

The Canadian leader previously admitted parity is important to him. Hence, his cabinet is comprised of 15 men and 15 women, the first ever gender-balanced cabinet in the history of Canada's politics.

Meanwhile, Macron appointed 11 men and 11 women to complete the new cabinet.

Before he even took office, the French leader promised a gender-balance cabinet during his term. Macron reportedly intends to break the division between the left and right through parity.