The award-winning weekly news program “The Local Live” on the public access station LMC-TV in Mamaroneck, New York is ready to tackle a hot-button topic, “Being Transgender in Westchester” on its June 15 telecast.

The LGBT community speaks out

The producer-host Mike Witsch will speak to three local Westchester residents, Shepard Verbas, Tony Arrien and Kim MacDermot-Roe. They will inform the viewers about the “Transgender” community and clear up any misconceptions in honor of “LGBT Pride Month” which is held every June. Viewers can participate by phone, email or Twitter during the live "Round Table" segment.

The media is constantly pushing the envelope in terms of specific stories in the LGBT arena; as it's affecting not only Westchester—but the nation and the world.

There were reports in the media involving hate crimes targeting the LGBT community, with one indicating that at an LGBT event at The Loft in White Plains, hate material was found on the windshields of some parked cars. This incident caused the LGBT community to be "up in arms" and more vigilant about their surroundings. The LGBT community recognizes the issues and concerns they face and they want the public to be aware. and hope that they will participate in the program. Their mission is to be accepted and have equal rights as American citizens.

The topic of being transgender is mainstream on the internet-- there are many sources that claim to expose certain celebrities as transgender individuals, especially on YouTube—but there is no exact proof that they are transgender or LGBT. The idea of being transgender isn't widely accepted, and that's why the LGBT community is raising awareness about who they are and why they should be recognized by the public.

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Where to tune in to ‘The Local Live’

The Local Live” reports municipal, school news, community events, and local news for Mamaroneck, Larchmont and Rye Neck. The program is seen in approximately 85% of the households in the municipalities it serves. The show is produced by volunteers and staff of Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community TV, Inc.

(LMC-TV). The broadcast can be seen each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on Altice (formerly Cablevision) channel 75 and Verizon FIOS on channel 36. It is also streamed online on their website and replays daily at the same time and on the same channels. The archived editions are available on YouTube. You can also follow LMC-TV on Facebook and Twitter.