Rising ticket prices caused a decrease in the number of visitors at Disney theme parks across the world. In the case of the disneyland in Anaheim, California, it was not attendance that dropped on Friday, rather geese poop dropped on the park visitors.

The New York Daily News reported that 17 people were hit by geese poop which dropped from the sky. The incident happened on the night of June 9 which sent police and firefighters to the California theme park.

No injuries

The geese droppings hit 11 adults and six children.

Anaheim police, in a tweet, said there were no injuries among those who, unfortunately, were caught in the geese poop rain. According to the Orange County Register, the messy guests were provided by Disneyland with a private restroom and clean clothes.

After cleaning themselves of bird droppings, the guests returned to Disneyland. The police dispatched a hazardous materials team to Main Street, near the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Initial reports said the feces was thrown on the visitors. An investigation, however, discovered it was a bunch of flying geese that caused the poop rain, News 24 reported.

Killing geese for pooping

Because Disneyland is a Magic Kingdom and the Happiest Place on Earth, the soiled guests were reported to be happy and healthy despite the incident. In Albany, Nova Scotia in Canada, the geese on Buckingham Pond are being slaughtered because some people are complaining of the birds’ feces.

A man who claimed he is an employee of the Department of General Services in Albany was caught carrying goose carcass, CBS 6 Albany reported.

The man gathered the geese and brought the birds to Albany to butcher it, Jack Almy, the caretaker of the pond, said.

Almy is an employee of the department, so he found the geese gatherer’s behavior as odd. He alerted the police who informed the Buckingham Lake Neighborhood Association of the incident. The Albany Police is investigating if the man was doing something illegal. Canadian laws protect the geese.

Killing the bird without permission, under the country’s Migratory Bird Treaty Act, imposes a minimum fine of $500, a prison term of up to six months, or both, for killing geese.

Boston reduces geese population

In Boston, residents are being trained by the City Council to control the city’s geese population through egg addling, the Boston University News Service reported. Two wildlife conflict experts from the National Human Society trained residents in late March on the method. The birds in the city are also Canadian geese. According to a local councilor, a single goose eats up to four pounds of grass daily and produced up to three pounds of poop a day which residents and visitors step on accidentally.

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