Abstract painter and sculptor Vanessa Velib was born in Mexico but is now making a big name for herself in the art industry across the United States and the world at large. Vanessa is known for using unconventional techniques in her mixed-media artwork, most of which is quite large.

Vanessa currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, and fostering the love of art that she has had since she was only twelve years old. Vanessa has worked as a professional artist for five years and her works have graced many art fairs, gallery exhibitions, and collector’s walls.

Vanessa recently discussed her artwork and her dreams for the future in an exclusive interview.


Blasting News(BN): What initially got you interested in artwork and how many pieces have you created?

Vanessa Velib (VV): I initially got interested in art when I was in middle school in Mexico and since then art has been my favorite class. I enjoyed it so much, I used to hate my other classes and painting class motivated me to go to school every day. When my dad noticed that I was into art, he gave me a beautiful Wood easel as a gift when I turn 12 years old. From that moment, I started to get more interested in the art world. I have created about seventy pieces.

BN: How did you develop your style and how long do the pieces take to create on average?

VV: I think one of the most difficult things about being an artist is to develop a personal and unique style. This has been very challenging for me because I started painting landscapes, fruits, people, animals etc... However, I wanted to have more freedom and express myself painting in an abstract way, but for me, it looked so similar to other artists work, I wanted to create something different that represented me using wood and stainless steel.

I love the contrast of those two mediums, especially because they are dimensional for the way I carved the wood making shapes and textures. I think it is a very organic technique but at the same time modern and contemporary. Creating this type of work takes me around eight to ten days at least.

BN: What gave you the idea to mix steel and wood in separate frames that you then join to create one big piece?

VV: The idea to mix still and wood in separate frames is this case, was to make it more dynamic, kind of like an installation instead of setting a normal one piece painting. People who acquire the whole installation are able to set it up however they want it to be in their homes.


BN: What were your formative years like and do you think they impacted your creativity at all?

VV: My formative years were most of them very happy. I spent most of my life living with my family, living in beautiful places and traveling to places that I never imagined they existed. One of the times that had an impact on my creativity was when I lived by myself in Miami, Florida. Because I spent too much time by myself and it gave me the chance to get to know myself so much better as a person and as an artist, and I became much more creative and I got to experiment lots of painting techniques that I employ nowadays.

BN: What is the most rewarding thing about working as a professional artist and what advice can you give to people who are trying to attain the same status?

VV: The most rewarding thing about being a professional artist is when people purchase my work and then see my paintings in their homes. I get so happy and fulfilled when people make compliments about certain pieces.

One advice that I could give to a person that is trying to attain the same status is: always believe in yourself and your capability to create and explore new things to express yourself. If you are happy and you love your art and your trying to communicate something to the public through your creations, they are going to be able to feel it when they see your paintings.

BN: What are your current career goals, biggest highlights, and forthcoming events?

VV: My current career goals are having the pleasure to come back to New York City and exhibit my work in many good galleries, and also to get people from here to know more about my work and appreciate it. I would love to one day get represented by the best galleries and have thousands of private collectors wanting to invest in my art!

My forthcoming events are Art San Diego art fair, a permanent exhibition at Opulence realty office in Miami, Red Dot in Miami, and several exhibitions this summer in Mexico. I will also be presenting my new collection in the world fashion parade in New York City in September. Check my website to keep up with me!