The Artist who works under the moniker "Blond Jenny" is a New-York based painter, photographer and performance artist whose artwork illustrates the story of her life which is a combination of South Korea and America.

Blond Jenny has stated that her artworks are manifestations of her desires, emotions, and wishes. She enjoys making happy places within her artwork and dreamed up a cartoon-inspired character known as "Blond Jenny" who serves as both her creative force and her muse.

To date, Blond Jenny's artwork has been exhibited all over the world, and she was willing to discuss her creations in a recent exclusive Interview.


Blasting News (BN): What inspired you to begin a career as a professional artist and how did you establish yourself and get your artwork seen?

Blond Jenny (BJ): When I was in Korea I started a gallery in Hongdae so that I could meet many artists and art lovers. But I felt that Seoul was not enough to build a professional career as a woman because of traditional society. I couldn’t accept that so I moved to New York in 2012. My goal was to meet as many artists as I could. I also applied to every artist call since my career was not established in the United States.

Most of the time I wasn’t accepted but slowly my work evolved and I started to be invited to exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

I think the most important thing has been finding the right atmosphere. If I’m not comfortable, I can’t focus. Finding a comfortable artistic environment for me in the United States has opened up a lot of doors for me.

BN: Your work is very focused on women--what is it about the essence of women that interests you?

BJ: I had trauma from my past life in Korea.

Women are not free there. I wasn’t happy with that.

I wanted to speak about women’s freedom, but it wasn’t acceptable since society is very old fashioned. For me, the essence of women is that we love and accept the world while being open and generous.

When I see young people, I want to tell them to live without any barriers like sex, ethnicity, or age.

Life is too short not to enjoy. I am comfortable with women artists. I need that connection. I believe that women’s work is narrative and personal.

BN: What drew you to the "Blond Jenny" character and how is this persona different from your real personality?

BJ: She was my fantasy character since I was young. She was my favorite animation cartoon image with big eyes and blonde hair. As a child, I was obsessed with dolls, but unlike my schoolmates, I was not allowed to have them. I used art to make my dream a reality with my handmade mask and a body suit.

Finally, I could become the doll character that filled my imagination when I was young. In Korea, I was shy to perform, but after I had moved to the United States, I became much more confident to show myself with or without my mask.


BN: In how many nations have you shown your art in and are you represented by any galleries at the moment?

BJ: So far, I’ve displayed art in seven countries including France, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong, Portugal, United Kingdom and the United States. In Italy and Seoul I was represented by galleries, but in general, I am independent.

BN: You currently have art in a show at the Demouzy Gallery in the Rockville Center neighborhood of Long Island so how did you find out about this venue?

BJ: My artist friend Donghee Lee, the curator, gave me the opportunity to show my piece at the Demouzy Gallery. I was so happy about this show because I met the owner and artist Reine Emeish.

BN: What are the most rewarding things about having a career as a professional artist and what is next for you?

BJ: The most rewarding thing for me is to show my work. To hear from artists or art lovers that they enjoy my work makes me so happy. When artists understand my work and really appreciate it, that is great. Right now, I need time to continue to develop my skills and explore new ideas.

I want to talk about what I stand for. After Trump had won the election, I gained interest in American politics. I feel like I found myself and I need to keep sharing my message with me and the world. I will keep talking and exploring my ideas about society.