Two people in the same family from Detroit have switched genders. First, a son changed to a female, and then a mother changed to a male. Therefore, the son is now the daughter, and the mother is now the father. However, the parent is still the parent and the child is still the child. They are just the opposite genders of what they used to be. Until they changed, they both felt like something was wrong with them.

From son to daughter

Corey Maison was born a boy, but is now a 15-year-old girl. She says she has always wanted to be a girl even when she was much younger, and she felt trapped in a boy's body.

Corey's journey began four years ago with the taking of puberty blockers at 11 years old to stop facial hair growth and to prevent deepening of the voice. Corey is excited about prom because this year she can pick out a beautiful dress instead of having to wear a suit. Her sister Ellen helped her choose one and predicted that Corey will be prom queen.

From mother to father

Eric was born a female named Erica. Eric said he never felt comfortable in her female body. Now he is happy being a man. According to "Inside Edition," Eric said he always felt like he was boy, but he didn't do anything about it until now.

However, the process took more than merely dropping the "a" from Erica to become Eric. The first thing was getting a shorter haircut. Then the 39-year-old began testosterone injections. The most noticeable signs of a gender transition were bigger muscles, a deeper voice, and facial hair. Eric had a double mastectomy earlier this year. After that, he no longer felt like a woman.

Impact on the family

As one can imagine, it is taking a lot of getting used to now that two fathers are parents in the same household. Les Maison, the husband of Eric, says it has been challenging for him. He said he married this beautiful woman, but now she looks like him. Even though it is difficulty for him to adjust to the transition of his wife and son, he sees that they are happy becoming who they believe they were meant to be.

It is interesting though that the mother and the son switched to the opposite gender. Corey was the first to transition and was able to encourage her mother along the way. It is also interesting that Erica changed his name to Eric, but Corey chose not to change her name since it is a unisex name. Both Corey and Eric are happy with their decisions. Eric did say that the only regret he has is that he did not transition sooner.

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