A Sex Doll brothel that opened in February closed recently because of protests from hookers who accused the robots of stealing their jobs. LumiDolls, the operator of the brothel in Spain, is opening another brothel in the UK where their operation would be legal.

LumiDolls is not daunted by what happened in the Spanish city and is even looking to open more brothels in other countries. A spokesperson for the sex doll agency said the company is in expansion mode and seeking more franchisees in different countries, Men’s Health reported.

Fulfilling the wildest fantasies

The company said that the protest by human sex trade workers in Barcelona was triggered by customers of LumiDolls being satisfied with the brothel’s erotic robots that can perform any of the client’s sexual fantasies they would not dare ask a woman. The spokesman thinks men who fulfill their wildest fantasies with the sex robots could suffer from some physical complex that makes them uncomfortable having sex with a woman.

It helps that the sex dolls in Barcelona have large breasts, never get fat on their midsection, and could bend into any position. The array of foreign dolls also would not have problems with visas and immigration.

However, their services do not come cheap.

An hour of fun with the sex robots would cost the client around $130. With that charge, the customer gets to spend time in a private room with their chosen music and X-rated movies on a large screen. The client could also request how the erotic robots would be dressed before their session.

Own a sex doll, including male sex robots

For men not comfortable going to a brothel, they have a choice of buying one for $15,000. Realdoll, based in California, is developing a Harmony Artificial Intelligence model which the owner could program the doll’s personality based on 12 traits.

Realdoll currently has ordinary male sex dolls but would also offer a masculine version that would be controlled by an app, paid for with a subscription.

Matt McMullen, CEO of Realdoll, said the doll the company is developing would add a new layer to relationships people could have with a sex doll. With ordinary sex dolls, people rely on their imagination to impose personalities on their bed partners. But with Harmony AI, they could create the personalities rather than imagine it.