A teen from Pennsauken, New Jersey gives new meaning to the expression, "Drop dead gorgeous." She arrived at her junior prom inside an open coffin in the back of a hearse. She checked with her date first, and he thought it was a cool idea since it represents what Megan Flaherty wants to do after she finishes school.

She plans to be a funeral director. Her date, Stephen Caldwell, is one of the men helping her out of the coffin in the photo and in the video. The other man is Dennis McGee, a family friend.

In a hearse

Most teens enjoy the thrill of riding in a limousine to their prom.

However, that thought never occurred to Megan. A limo was never an option for her. Riding in a coffin in the back of a hearse was not her way of being morbid. Actually, it represented her lifelong dream. The 17-year-old aspiring funeral director went in the transportation that she will be using after she finishes school.

In a coffin

Needless to say, Megan made an unusual entrance to her prom with a lot of people watching as the two men slid the coffin out of the hearse and helped her out. She was dressed in a blue gown and held a bunch of white flowers. While in the coffin, Megan was seen with her eyes closed. After being helped out of the wooden open coffin, the teen straightened her dress and walked away as if what she had done was ordinary.

Megan's family went along with the idea. Her mother, Susan, thought it was an honorable thing to do because being a funeral director is an honorable way to make a living, and that's what her daughter is passionate about. This is not the first time a family member has taken a hearse to the prom. Megan's older brother also went to his high school prom in a hearse.

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He was not lying down in a coffin. That's why his younger sister wanted to take it to another level by being in a coffin.

Since that was Megan's junior prom, people are wondering how she is going to top it next year when she arrives at her senior prom. From what was seen this time, it will probably be something more creative and unusual.

Unique things about proms

At one time, proms did not get this much publicity. Teens went without much fanfare. Now there are promposals where teen invites celebrities via videos. Sons are taking their mothers who didn't get to go to their own proms. Recently a high school senior from Minnesota made headlines when she took her acceptance letter from Harvard as a date to her prom as a way of saying no boy accepted her but Harvard did. What's next concerning the prom is anybody's guess.