cannabis has got legal status in several states of America, and California has drafted plans to exploit the situation and tap into the business potentials of the once-banned product. Therefore, a new retreat ‘Cannabliss’ has come up in the town of Ojai which will offer an attractive fare of getting accustomed to cannabis from breakfast to dinner. The members can smell the coffee as well as marijuana when they wake up in the morning and attend yoga camps that draw inspiration from weeds, the colloquial for cannabis.

Variety is known as the spice of life and retreats like ‘Cannabliss’ are the present trend in some part of America that are springing up to cater to the tastes of the cannabis lovers.

What is the retreat?

According to New Zealand Herald, this retreat will offer a unique experience with imaginative themes related to cannabis like ceremonies based on cannabis or yoga or visionary workshops. This experimental venture labeled ‘Cannabliss’ is the creation of Sari Gabbay, a woman who believes that cannabis does not fall into the category of drugs as such but is a sort of medicine that enhances one's mood.

Apart from cannabis-themed programs and activities, there would also be food to keep up the mood. This would be on offer from a company which specializes in pop-up cannabis dining experiences. It has designed a menu that is bound to appeal to the guests. The cuisine would be farm-to-table style cooking infused with cannabis and Reiki energy.

The purpose would be to provide a new range of experiences to the guests to help them relax.

It seems there would be cannabis vaporizers so that the guests can inhale different strains of the plant. A few examples – the morning menu would include Sativa strains which are believed to give a boost to energy and concentration and is good for those who want to indulge in physical activities like hiking or yoga.

However, the evening menu would have a microdose of indica that hold promises of a peaceful night's sleep.

The schedule for the first Cannabis retreat in California is tentatively slated from June 22 to 26 and prices have been pegged at around $1500 for a shared tent, In case one wants a private room, the cost would be higher.

The bottom line

Cannabis has come a long way from the time it used to be a looked down upon as just a drug and those who loved it were treated as scums of society. However, the thinking has changed over the years, and people have realized that, if handled correctly, it can be a great source of revenue earner.

Hence, many of the states have legalized it, and various options have opened up to convert it into lucrative business propositions. The retreat ‘Cannabliss’ is an example of that business acumen, and there could be many more similar joints to follow suit with a still larger variety of offerings where the sky is the limit.