Early mornings can be chaotic, you're getting ready for work, colliding in the bathroom, getting your kids ready for school etc., so it's normal that you're flustered and might not have time for one another. But in between all this madness, make some time for your partner - even if only for a couple of minutes. It will make for a refreshing change and strengthen your Relationship. Below are some of the things that Happy couples do every morning:

Eye contact

"We brush our teeth together. During those few minutes together we establish eye contact.

We touch, hand on shoulder, on the cheek or around the waist. Those little things are saying 'I love you baby'" says Brandy W. who has been happily married for years now.


"My husband goes to work much earlier than I could think of getting up. But every morning when he's ready to go, he comes back to bed and gives me a hug. Those five minutes that we spend so close to each other is the perfect start of the day for me," says blogger, Meg Conley.

Waking up at the same time, if possible

"There are so many couples where partners have different schedules, so they barely see each other during the day.

Therefore it's extremely important, if you're having a day off and your partner is working that day, you should at least wake up early and help him get ready. This bounding at the very beginning of the day can make a huge difference in your relationship," says Dr. Kurt Smith, a marriage therapist.

Drinking coffee or tea together

"Those five minutes together early in the morning, even if you spend them in complete silence, will make your day start so much easier and nicer," says Steve T.

who's in a happy long term relationship.

Smile, no matter how tired you might be

"Mornings can be so chaotic but it's very important that even if you know in advance that you are going to have a tough day, even if you didn't catch enough sleep the previous night, that you smile for the ones you love," says psychotherapist Mary Lend.

And last but not least...


"It's so much better when you show your affection before you go your own ways in the morning.

Kissing is a wonderful way to start your day off," says Rebecca K.

In the current highly stressed America, turning to your loved one for support and to offer it in return is a wonderful idea.

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