Walmart is celebrating everybody's Birthday on Sunday, March 12, 2017 between noon and 4 p.m. You might say it is not your birthday, but Walmart says it doesn't matter when your birthday is. The store wants you, your family and friends to stop by any of the Walmart Supercenter locations around the country to enjoy a free cupcake. You may choose either a chocolate or a vanilla cupcake.

Cupcakes at Walmart

The recipe for the cupcakes is the same recipe used for the birthday cakes that are made at Walmart. So you know they will be delicious. Whether you choose chocolate or vanilla, all the cupcakes have either white buttercream or whipped icing on the top.

This is the first time Walmart has given out cupcakes on such a worldwide scale. Officials say they expect to give away about 3 million cupcakes nationwide at it Supercenter locations to celebrate everybody's birthday.

Reason for Walmart's gift

Walmart said in a statement that birthdays are special to the company. Since people have one every year, the company wanted everyone to get a treat. Usually local restaurants and retailers give away freebies on people's actual birthday, but the Walmart cupcakes will be available to all customers no matter when their birthday is.

Walmart is doing well because of its customers. The store wants to let those who shop there know they are appreciated for their business.

While sales in some department stores are decreasing, Walmart sales are remaining strong. The store's most recently quarterly report showed there was a boost in sales made possible because of groceries being sold. Walmart's shares have improved 2.7 percent over the last year. If the popular discount store keeps doing well, perhaps it will continue giving things away.

Maybe it will be more than a free cupcake next time.

How to get your free cupcake

The only rule for getting a free cupcake is to just show up at one of the Walmart Supercenters locations anytime on Sunday, March 12 between noon and 4 p.m. Only one cupcake will be given to each person, but they are so big and filling that usually one will be enough.