According to a recent report published in the "Specialty Pharmacy Times," Vitamin C could halt the Growth of Cancer Cells. Most people think vitamin C is helpful to fend off cold, sore throat, and sinus infections. Though the ingredient boosts immunity, it does plenty more for humans. Recent research indicates that vitamin C is necessary to combat more than ten types of cancer. There are countless therapies and drugs for the illness. Some of them cause serious side effects, and others are expensive. In certain cases, cancer cells do not stop growth, leaving doctors puzzled.

Health professionals believe that stem-like cells are responsible for cancer and metastasis. Vitamin C prevents the growth of stem-like cells and could act as an effective medicine.

Rapid growth of cancer cells

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports cancer causes over ten million deaths per year. The number of people with cancer is increasing day by day. The National Cancer Institute estimates nearly 30 percent people in the United States develop cancer cells at one point in their lives. The research published in the journal “Oncotarget” describes the effectiveness of natural substances such as vitamins. Doctor Bonuccelli John at the University of Edinburgh says both clinical drugs and therapies halt the growth of cancer cells.

But these could damage our kidneys, heart, and the spinal cord. In contrast, vitamin C prevents cancer cells to live and grow. The goal of experts is to disrupt the metabolism of the cancer cells and cease their expansion.

Study results

Dr. Bonuccelli finds that vitamin C acts as a potent drug. In fact, it is ten times more efficient than the drug 2-DG.

The study provides evidence that vitamin C prevents the growth of toxic cells in the body. It is a natural and readily available ingredient. Linus Pauling, a scientist at the University of Oxford, determines that this vitamin acts as an effective anti-cancer agent. Doctor Bonuccelli states that he will find out how vitamins ward off tumor recurrence, metastasis, and disease progression. He aims to prepare anti-cancer drugs using vitamins.