dentistry has moved out of the shadows to become one of the most advanced sciences under the health care canopy. From same day crowns and bridges to laser technologies, which are employed in multiple fashions, 21st-century Dentistry has taken a quantum leap into the future. Lasers have taken much of the pain away from restorations. Presently teeth can be repaired by a focused light beam in a few minutes avoiding the much-dreaded inoculations of anesthesia, which have kept many out of the Dental Chair.

Lasers are also utilized to repairs gums, remove oral tumors and regenerate nerves

Dental technology brings celebrity smiles in days

Dental implants exemplify the future of therapeutic dentistry. Material composites are more durable, easier to install and last decades compared to their predecessors. Unheard of before same day implants are coming on board at your local Dentist Office. With the use of intraoral X-rays and digital cameras integration of the implant with bony structures is performed in a more precise manner. A celebrity smile now takes days instead of months.

State of the art oral sedation is commonly employed. IV sedation is utilized less now for complex procedures. Safer, more effective with many fewer side effects this form of drug therapy places the patient in a semiconscious state allowing interaction with the dentist.

An extra benefit is fewer visits to your neighborhood dentist are required to obtain your picture perfect smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has made major strides. From bonding to veneers composite resins have been improved to match color and function of their surrounding environment. More durable and easier to apply patients appreciate the natural look these resins allow with fewer adjustments needed to get their smile right.

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Less need for surgical procedures

Suffering from the discomfort of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) displacement and the resulting massive headaches experienced have become much easier to treat. Devices have been developed that comfortably fit in the mouth resulting in less need for surgical procedures as was the standard a mere decade ago

Every aspect of dentistry has moved into the future.

Procedures on the horizon include stem cell therapies to regenerate teeth, gums and surrounding bone. As a result, one day, dentures, bridges and other oral devices could potentially become obsolete. The ability to find oral cancers earlier in their growth, utilizing microscopic digital photography, is a few years away. The revolution in dental science is moving forward quickly thanks to the researches of many. One day soon you will look up from your dental chair and find an automaton leaning over you grinning as it says “how may I help you.”