The fashion world is leading our young people to the darker side. Whether intentional or unwittingly, the clothing being marketed to our teenagers is filled with esoteric symbolism. To the untrained eye, a shirt may appear to simply have interesting patterns. Those who are more aware of occult images will recognize these symbols when they are hidden in Plain Sight. In the photo by Jenny Resnick/the conscientious reporter you will notice multiple symbols on each shirt or sweater. These images that are considered to be related to the occult or Satanism are being worn freely by our youth.

Inverted crosses, pentagrams, pyramids, sun bursts, the all-seeing eye, and Baphomet the goat are as common in today's culture, as wearing a cross necklace and carrying a bible were in days of old.

What does it all mean

There are many signs and symbols that are considered to be associated with evil. A right side up cross is used by Christians who believe Christ was crucified and resurrected for the sins of the world. On television during reenactments of exorcisms, the demons routinely turn crosses on walls upside down.

Christians believe those who wear inverted crosses are mocking Christ.

Pyramids, the all-seeing eye, and sunbursts are associated with Free Masonry and the secret society the Illuminati. Pentagrams, and the image of Baphomet the goat are symbols of Satan worship. Even the popular peace sign from the late 1960's and early 70's is said to have an esoteric meaning. Some say the peace symbol is an inverted cross with the sides of the center beam turned inward.

This is supposed to imply that there was no power in Christ dying on the cross.

The land of the free is even more enslaved

America is considered the land of the free. We have privileges that other nations do not. The fashions we wear are one way of expressing our right to free choice. No one desires to see that choice taken away, but it would be nice to see celebrities and our youth make better choices.

No symbol is randomly put on an article of clothing. There is a specific reason for every single pattern, and image. It would be wise for our teens, young adults, and even beloved entertainers to investigate the hidden, esoteric meanings behind the fashions before they make the choice to wear them. No one should blindly follow a fashion trend without knowing the origins. Doing so truly is indicating that we as a nation are more enslaved than free.


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