Ever since everyone’s favorite gay celebrity crush Colton Haynes and famous florist Jeff Leatham had crushed the Internet’s Hopes And Dreams by coming out and saying that they’d been secretly dating for quite some time, we’ve all been seeing plenty of photos and videos of them being cute and together getting posted online.

I’m pretty sure that I can speak on behalf of a very large percentage of gay men when I say that ever since the news of them being together broke, all of us have just been secretly waiting for them to break up so we could have our chance at him.

I mean, I’m not saying that we’re all monsters, but it’s certainly not off the table, to be honest.

A perfect relationship from day one

Well now, we can all just head on over to the store and get some chocolate and wine for two and consume all of it by ourselves, because he’s officially off the market, boys! As many of us know due to the two of them documenting what seems to be every single thing that they do, the two of them have been on quite the romantic vacation together.

They’ve been showing us plenty of cute photos of the two of them, as well as them showing off just how good of a time they’re having. What many of us were probably assuming after seeing all the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts the two of them have been blasting, is that something more might be coming out of all of this, and it looks like we’re right!

Jeff has officially popped the question, and Colton said yes. The best part of all of it? He didn’t ask him by himself.

The couple get some rockstar help from Cher for the engagement

In true famous-celebrity-florist fashion, Jeff had some grand and elaborate proposal set up, with all the flowers, candles, and perfectly romantic staging you could ever possibly ask for when on a destination vacation with your lover - but he didn’t stop there, which is what’s really important.

Jeff used his connections in order to get Cher - yes Cher - to record a message for him, asking him if he “believes in love,” and as soon as we discovered that she was a part of it, it was no longer even remotely surprising that Colton agreed to marry Jeff. I mean, how does one possibly say “no” to Cher? Watch it all unfold below.