Bravo brings us one of their most innovative shows in a long time and they got pretty creative with their marketing stunt at SXSW. Their newest show "Stripped" is probably going to be their single most groundbreaking one so far! What’s the concept of the show, might you ask? Well simple put the contestants have to give up all clothing, furniture, money, cell phones and everything they own for 21 days.

'Stripped' started in Europe

The concept from the show comes from Denmark where it debuted in 2015 where contestants had to give up all their possessions for 30 days.

The US version will only be 21 days and each day a contestant can get one item back that they absolutely can't live without. The show is hoping to show the impact that possessions have in our daily lives and relationships.

Now, I don’t really know about you guys and just how brave you think you are and such, but I personally could absolutely never manage to take off all of my clothes and expose all of my business in front of the cameras, let alone give up all of my personal belongings for 3 weeks.

I once went 2 days without a cup of coffee and thought I was the healthiest, toughest thing around, but I had my Netflix, my comfy couch, and my super warm blanky to help me power through it all. You have to give these contestants some serious props for their bravery and commitment to the cause.

Hopefully there will be some sort of prize money or something in it for them to make it all worthwhile.

'Stripped' challenges SXSW attendees to live without gadgets

This last week at SXSW 'Stripped' pulled off a big stunt involving them having a bunch of super attractive people wear nude colored underwear at a pop-up, and let’s just say that it definitely got the attention that it deserved.

There’s some fun photos to look at from the show and the SXSW stunt up on Instagram, and an even more entertaining trailer for all of us to enjoy below. In the trailer, you get to watch a guy start it off by saying “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” followed by slowly stripping down in front of the camera, and eventually just taking it all off.