The Carson family moved from their residence in West Palm Beach, Florida to be close to Capitol Hill. As the new Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary Mr. Carson is now in charge of lifting American cities and boosting American homeownership and affordable housing.

Ben Carson will be living in his new home with his wife, Candy Carson, and his three children, Rhoeyce Carson, Ben Carson Jr., and Murray Carson. Built in 1993 their new residence has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, jetted tub, sprinkler system, and a mother-in-law apartment, according to the listing.

Carson endorsed Trump after ending presidential bid

During the presidential campaign, Carson took Trump on a tour of run-down neighborhoods in Detroit which included Carson's childhood home. Apparently, his new home, in Vienna, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., is nothing like the home he grew up in. However, it does share many of the same characteristics to what was his main residence in West Palm Beach, purchased for a mere $4.4 million.

The new HUD secretary paid less for his home than its last two owners.

Not only that, but the 65-year-old Carson also got a discount off the original asking price of $1.599 million – 13% less! Maybe not as good a deal as the Carson's had hoped for because they are now selling one of their Florida homes for $1.1 million – after taking $100,00 off their original asking price.

Vienna recognized for having incredible value.

The Town of Vienna was ranked third in CNN's 2013 Money Magazine list of Best Places to Live.

Known for its strong economy, Vienna is a place you want to raise a family because it has plenty of green space and a strong sense of community.

The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) awarded the town of Vienna a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. The median household income was $113,817 in 2009 – men made $88,355 per year, and women made $66,642.

Hopefully, these are all conditions Carson will want to duplicate in cities around America as he tackles his new position.

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