We live in a world of animal lovers, but according to Cesar Millan, the famous dog whisperer, people of the millennial generation should not be keeping pets. Dogs require time, love and patience on the part of an owner which can be difficult for those in this fast-paced society. Millan feels that Millennials would be too busy and distracted by technology and modern electronics to give any necessary attention to an animal.

Who are the millennials?

The Millennials is a term used to describe individuals who have become adults by the turn of the 21st century. They are persons born between 1977 and 2004.

These people grew up with electronics and an increase in social networks and the internet. They have received the most marketing attention as a diverse generation. Millennials grow up under the phrase to follow their dreams and are an optimistic group. They tend to be so busy and self-involved in search of their dreams in this fast-paced, modern society.

Further comments from Cesar Millan about millennials and pet ownership

Cesar Millan is an animal lover, living in California with his 20 dogs. He believes that this new generation is using dogs to replace babies. A dog is now considered a personal fulfillment for humans. They are too wrapped up in everything that most cannot take on the responsibility of owning a dog.

For over 12 years, Millan has been helping people and humans relate to one another. He believes in teaching the people, not the dogs, proving a great success.

Cesar states that this generation of individuals should not adopt dogs because they are always on the phone. They cannot relate on a personal level and are not ready for the one-on-one relationship.

Most of these people feel independent with the inability to connect with other humans. He also feels that this group of individuals is more selfish, spoiled, anti-social and glued to their cell phones. Many do not want children and are unable to care for a dog. These are some bold statements made by the Dog Whisperer himself.

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