The Nissan makes a great vehicle to meet the needs of single folks, families with children and the pet lovers. They are stylish, roomy and efficient. When it comes to the dog owners, it can be difficult to travel with your dirty pet. Nissan came up with a new auto design known as the X-Trail that provides a luxurious Dog Sanctuary to meet the needs of you and that scruffy canine. The new model was initially a European design, but dog-loving buyers in the US are begging for such features to happen hopefully in the near future.

The features of the Nissan X-trail dog sanctuary Rogue

The new Nissan Rogue or X-Trail offers features such as a no-spill water bowl, a bed and a treat dispenser for your four-legged canine family member. Other amenities includes a slide-out dog ramp for the dog’s ease of getting in and out of the plush, quilted cargo bay, harness hooks for safety when the vehicle is in motion and amazingly, an integrated shower and dryer for the animal to avoid tracking in dirt. A video can be viewed online to get a better view of the Nissan X-trail for dogs.

The crossover also features dog-cam technology so that drivers and passengers can keep an eye on their canines via a small display on the dashboard. The dogs can also view the humans through a 10-inch screen in the cargo area.

An audio link makes it easy to communicate with your pets. The back sanctuary is meant to accommodate up to two dogs, depending on the size of the animals. When not traveling with the pets, the cargo area can be made to hold other items for the family.

Use of the X-trail features

One of the highlights of the Nissan X-trail are the accessories to make your dog look presentable on the spot.

Under the floor of the cargo area are two drawers that can be pulled out to provide a mini-dog grooming kit. Included in that package is a 360 doggy shower that bathes your pet without washing the owner.

Follow the bath with a built-in blow dryer nozzle to avoid that wet doggy smell. Additionally, to keep the pet dry and toasty, a directional dryer vent is included. Your dog is clean, happy and secure to travel in style. This is a fantastic concept for anyone who loves to take their dogs everywhere they go, with the animal’s safety and well-being a priority.