Footaction has released a brand new family cypher similar to the last one. This one wows the listener with rappers that have substance, flowing lyrics, and entertain with that one beat in background. Rappers Bizzy Crook, KR, Jimmy Tents, along with producer Martin Sky on the turntables, spit rap lyrics flowing on a beat, dressed head to toe in footaction gear. They all "looked the part" of a young, talented, urban male who should be taken seriously among suits and ties because of his intelligence and determination.

Footaction highlighted young rappers from the city of Chicago who fit this definition, and they represent well the heart and soul of its people.

From the two Family Cyphers in Austin, TX (and now in New York), native sons Martin Sky, Taylor Bennett, Saba, and Pusha T are at store openings.

Rappers represent U.S. Cities with distinction

Miami also shows that the future of the rap game is bright in the Cyphers, by showcasing young artists like Sylvan LaCue (who was part of the Footaction Family Cypher in Austin, TX), and now, Bizzy Crook (given name, Lazaro Camejo). Bizzy steps in after L.A. rapper KR starts off the verses, and gives a positive vibe and flow on the beat that a good second leg relay runner would. New Jersey's own Jimmy Tents then takes the flow to another level with a stern, blunt rap that cuts and keeps the listener awake, with Martin Sky matching it by changing the beat.

Singer Rotimi is also from New Jersey and opened up the first cypher -- the artists did their state proud. Finally, Los Angeles brought out LA Van Gogh, and now, rapper KR to show off their talent. As Van Gogh took a philosophical tone, Sky could've almost stopped the music and let KR do a spoken word piece because of his depth and delivery.

Stars wear Footaction clothes, you can also

All the clothes that the artists wore in the performance can be purchased at a local Footaction retail store. KR was dressed in a South Korean flag graphic design impermeable hoodie jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, and black cutout jeans with black sneakers. Bizzy used the color wheel, wearing a salmon and black track jacket, and light gray t-shirt with similar black jeans and Adidas' original sneakers.

Jimi Tents was dressed in a Nike AIR black hoodie with black track pants and black Nike Roshe sneakers. Finally, Saba and Martin Sky were the only ones to wear skull caps indoors, as Sky went with an Adidas white track jacket, and Saba added splashes of color to his black outfit with a maroon skullcap and a gray printed t-shirt.