In today's daily horoscope for Cancer, we're going to discuss something you're all familiar with -- the tides of life and the feelings that come and go with them. Born between June 22 and July 22, Cancer people tend to retreat to their shells to reboot and rejuvenate themselves, which is probably what you've been doing lately, Cancer. But today, it may feel a bit safer to come out and see what's happening on the outside.

What to expect

Today you can expect to feel the sun shining a little bit brighter, Cancer, and your heart will feel just a little bit light, too.

You've been clinging to hope for so long now that it's going to start to pay off for you. Things no longer seem as bad as they first appeared, but you already knew that they would change in due time, and all you needed to do was to hold on for dear life. Slowly but surely, you're now coming into a new phase, and it feels so much better than the last one! Be confident, be strong, and don't hesitate to go for what you want. He/she who knows what they want shall have it!

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Cancer, do what feels natural for you. If you think you should proceed with caution, there's no harm done. The tide is changing, and when it changes, it brings more favorable conditions and a totally fresh and new perspective.

It's a good idea to reach out to loved ones, who are excited to meet the new and improved version of you. Dust yourself off, clear out the physical and emotional clutter, and keep your eye on the prize. It's yours for the taking! Take some time to meditate to clear your head before you go out to deal with the world.

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Take note overall

Overall, Cancer, you're going to feel the effects of newness today. What was a dark and hopeless situation will now begin to show signs of improvement. You've weathered plenty storms before and this one is no different.

Change is coming yet again, and though it can be uncomfortable at times, you always come out a winner -- brighter, better, stronger!

That's it for your daily horoscope for Cancer, be sure to come back to check your horoscope for tomorrow!