The Trump inauguration no doubt rubbishes any suggestion that his total lack of political and military experience will stop the Trump family from making lifestyle changes at the White House. If Donald Trump breaks the 150-year-old tradition followed by past Presidents, and decides not to keep dogs inside this People’s House, more changes will follow for sure. Family members including Donald John Jr., his wife Vanessa, and daughter Kai; Eric and his wife Lara; and Tiffany and her boyfriend Ross Mechanic, son of the highly successful real estate attorney Jonathan Mechanic, hinted of changes to come when they slipped away after the inaugural ball to celebrate the Trump win with a midnight balloon ride.

Will President Trump adopt this pet?

Close friend and philanthropist Lois Pope has done her bit to ensure this Trump inauguration changes the President and he mellows enough to adopt her cute nine-week-old Goldendoodle puppy. When she first showed Trump a photo of her golden retriever and poodle crossbreed pup, his immediate reaction was that his son (10-year-old Barron) would fall in love with it, and he was right. The photo did make Barron smile and cry at the same time. If Lois Pope plays her cards right, this lovable dog, aptly named Patton, will find its place in the White House. Trump may relent to keep his son happy, which will make traditionalists sigh with relief. With 132 rooms spread across 6 levels, the odds are in Donald Trump’s favor if he decides to keep away from housebreaking this adorable puppy.

Tiffany stays, Melania delays after inaugural ceremony

Some traditions are simply meant to be broken, and the privilege of moving in as First Lady does not seem to inspire Melania enough, as she will stay in New York for at least six months until Barron completes his school term. Trump has decided to visit New York often, which gives Melania the chance to spend quality time with Barron.

Meanwhile, Tiffany has taken this chance to get closer to her father with First Lady duties lined up for the 23-year-old artist. She was raised by her mother, TV personality Marla Maples, after her parent’s divorce came through in 1997.

She now gets to learn more about her father, a man she has admired all her life. Not that Melania will mind, as she plans to set up her room in the White House. Who knows? Tiffany may then decide to pursue her love of music and sing professionally.