As voting on the Obamacare repeal bill is on the cards, Republican moderates are voicing their opinions. Some feel it's time to end the secrecy and make the bill draft available to address their objections. Republicans are committed to passing the ACA repeal bill, but there are debatable points in the proposal like the expanded Medicaid and the defunding of planned parenthood. The move towards getting the House to decide the bill by a vote in on after a party meeting presided over by Paul Ryan ended with the Speaker optimistic about completing the voting process in the House before the end of March.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary tom price has held meetings with Conservatives who had objections to the draft proposal put up by the GOP. This is a good move if the bill must pass through the House.

Obamacare Repeal hangs in the balance as conflicts within Republicans surface

Some Republicans fostered doubts about the ACA replacement plan. They expect a total repeal while others have reservations about sensitive healthcare spending issues that may significantly affect those who cannot afford higher premiums. Senator Rand Paul expects a full replacement plan before Obamacare is repealed. He tried to get a copy of the draft but was unable to do so. On the other hand, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said she would not vote for a policy that did away with the expansion of Medicaid, as lawmakers in her state of Alaska wanted increased federal spending.

The ruling party wants to get the bill through the House, but it may have to come up with a bill that also gets the nod from the Senate.

Election promises may win the House but what about the Senate?

Republican Chris Collins feels the Energy and Commerce Committee may consider voting even if the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) does not pass on its projections on the costs and coverage involved with the changes.

The likelihood of millions losing out on affordable health insurance cannot be ruled out. Ryan is convinced the voting process will allow the House to tide over objections, as election promises had to be kept. They needed to get the repeal through the House while making sure an acceptable Obamacare replacement policy was put before the House.

Vice President Mike Pence will join the HHS Secretary Tom Price on Friday, as they travel to Janesville, Wisconsin, to demonstrate their government's support for the Obamacare replacement draft brought forward by the GOP leadership. If one can read between the lines, the bill is likely to sail through the House. The Senate did pass the bill in 2015, so a vote there is justified.