Hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as the new commander in chief on Inauguration Day, the new president took part in a dance with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump. While the two appeared to have a good time during the Trump inauguration dance, Twitter users weren't so kind.

Trump dance mocked

Not many thought it could be done, but Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. As part of the ceremony and tradition, Trump and Melania Trump made their way to the Freedom Inaugural Ball in the nation's capital on Friday night. The two joined together and danced to Trump's song of choice, the famous Frank Sinatra "My Way." Due to Trump refusal to rehearse any part of the dance before hand, the billionaire real estate mogul and his wife appeared a bit awkward at times.

As seen across Twitter on January 20, the former host of "The Apprentice" was hit with some backlash on social media.

(The dance starts at 5:00 in the above video.)

"I could dance holding my chihuahua and we would look more loving than Trump and Melania!" Twitter user @xtinariechelle wrote. "Her body language could freeze off a wart. I think she might hate him as much as we do," @jennypixels tweeted. "Donald Trump dances the way I walked around the hospital after my hernia surgery," Huffington Post writer Eliot Nelson pointed out.

"Trump dances like a dog circling around looking for a place to poop," Twitter user Tom Russell added.

"Can you say awkward? Melania always looks miserable with him," @tbajen tweeted. Joan Walsh of the "The Nation" magazine also sent out a tweet, stating, "Dear God, Trump leaves his "dance" with Melania to wave at the crowd, leaving her standing there alone. That poor woman."

Next stop

As the celebration came to a close on Friday night, Donald Trump came to the realization that he is now the new president.

In response, thousands of protesters made their views heard in Washington, D.C., with over 200 arrests being made after rioters vandalized public property, broke into businesses and looted stores, while setting objects on fire, including cars. As the United States continues to remain as divided as ever, it's unknown how, or if, the new president will be able to bring both sides together.