On Tuesday, January 10, the Slow Food Movement will be hosting their first Snail Social of 2017 at the Della Test Kitchen food truck in Wywnood. Snail Socials are roaming Happy Hours hosted by the movement that highlight local restaurants that use local vegetables and food on their menus -- doing business to provide for the customers and not deplete resources. Greater Miami and the beaches seem to the naked eye to be a flat place where only beautiful people live and you could probably see them all at Club Liv at the Fountainbleau Resort or Club Eleven in Downtown Miami, but really, the entire area has a character that "makes people notice," and can be seen with the Slow Food Miami organization.

Wynwood is the heart of Downtown Miami

The happy hour will be at the Wynwood Yard from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, so anyone and everyone in the Downtown, Brickell, and Coral Gables area can take a break from getting into the traffic line and spend time in Wynwood for a while until it dies down. Muriel Olivares from the Little River Cooperative (formerly the Little River Market Garden), located on 66th street and Biscayne Blvd from 9:00am to 2:00pm, will be giving tours of the new garden installed at the Wynwood Yard.

There will also be a mixology workshop for attendees so people can entertain friends at home with fabulous, tasty cocktails.

Miami has a history, is part of nature

The Little River Cooperative is a hidden gem in the context of the Miami area. It is two plots of land where vegetables are grown and taken to restaurants for farm fresh ingredients to be used on that day's menu. The Little River community gets hidden by the concrete giant that is the Interstate but it is there and the development in that area and the nearby Upper East Side Farmers Market (115 NE 76th Street) adds a bit of green to the very urban Miami landscape.

The agriculture project only uses organic and sustainable practices of agriculture, and they consult others who want to produce an organic garden in their backyard.

Little River represents what Slow Food Miami calls, "Miami's Diversity." Outside of the "Cocaine Cowboys" era, there is a quiet character and personality of pioneering and independence in the city's residents. The history of the founding fathers of the city, the progress of the solid Hispanic resolve, and the dedication of the young adult residents in the area, give depth to the ambiance and atmosphere of this vibrant city.

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