MPTHY (pronounced as empathy) is based in Boston, Massachusetts and specializes in making a blend of electronic, indie, pop, and folk music. He started his journey of making music by playing in bands at the age of 14. He did this to overcome his tendencies toward introversion, but it did not work out the way he hoped, as he still had more of a preference for intrapersonal pursuits. On the other hand, he did grow a substantial appreciation for the art of composing and performing music. MPTHY works as a scientist and has discovered how to create songs as though he is conducting experiments.

He even goes as far as constructing rather scientific methodologies after musical ideas enter his mind. In a sense, he tests his hypotheses about what does and does not make great music for the genres that interest him. With his latest album The Golden Boy released on October 9th, 2015, it appears that his experiments have proven he has good taste in music.

Vocal Display

MPTHY is not alone when it comes to singing. For this album, he has the help of a few other vocalists: Kimberly Holt, Jaclyn Bernstein, and Verity Smith. They all sing lead or background on different songs, such as “Dangerous Love” and “Scenes from a Marriage.” MPTHY has a punk-pop singing voice that is distinct and peculiar.

It is very steady in movement and is generally of a low-pitch nature. Some songs include explosive moments of belting/screaming. The female singers generally have very soft-sounding voices, with a sweet and mellow output.

Favorite song for vocals: “The Song”


There are a wide array of instruments involved in the album from the contributions of MPTHY, Kimberly, and Jarrett Osborn.

They consist of guitar, bass, piano, synths, clarinet, violin, and electronic drums. The instrumentation is quite eerie and futuristic. The ultramodern and fashionable sound effects in songs like “H-H-Heartbreak” evoke a surreal feeling within me. It’s refreshing! The overall nature of MPTHY’s songs is very free-spirited and imaginative, and I think the instrumentals perfectly exemplify that.

Their wildly unusual sounds keep me engaged and wondering what my ears will hear next.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “The Golden Boy”

Lyrical Essence

The lyrical essence of the songs possesses unrestrained fancy. It’s as if they are inspired by life from another world. I believe MPTHY enjoys doing a lot of introspection, which appears to permeate the lyrics deeply. Their uncanny nature impresses me because it shows MPTHY is not afraid to excite listeners to explore his wildly provocative ways of thinking. The lyrics are not all happy-go-lucky either, as he delves into the melancholic and ghostly visions of his ingenuity. I love the way he uses arousing metaphors of nature to describe hopeless romantic adventures in “The Song.”

Favorite song for lyrics: “What I Have to Say”

Final Thoughts

I give this album an 8.5 out of 10 rating.

MPTHY’s use of scientific methodologies for creating music is a unique approach, which I have not witnessed from any other artist. I think his introversion highly benefits him in this area of creativity. Listen to his album with the link below.