Bad Reed is based in Ontario, Canada as an alternative rock quartet that delves into a variety of genres through their music. Other music genres include blues, soul, and prog. This band was formed during March 2015, featuring sounds inspired by their own life experiences as well as diverse musical tastes. The band consists of four talented members: Costa Chatzis, Austin Sharpe, Sydney Sollazzo, and Graham Walker. During June 13th, 2015, they released their first professional studio EP, which is available online for free. It consists of only three songs, but they are all attention-grabbing forms of artwork that possess a lot of creativity and passion.

These musicians are similar to artists such as Heart, Alabama Shakes, and A Perfect Circle. From the perspective of mainstream music, Bad Reed reminds me of Paramore and Evanescence to some degree.

Vocal Display

My favorite song for vocal display is “Slackjaw Romance.” Sydney is the vocalist of the song as well as all the others. Her vocal output is very straightforward, and she sharply articulates the words to the song. I really admire how momentous her vocal range is, as she sings high notes with good control and spunk. I consider her a soprano singer, but her lower vocal range is dazzling, also. Sydney's voice has a profoundly solemn spirit that encourages me to take her singing seriously.

She enjoyably demands my attention with her vocal abilities, which express refined qualities.


My favorite song for instrumentation is “Punch It.” The instrumentation is well-formed and ravishing. More specifically, the guitar and drums/percussion are rip-roaring and sensational. They are the most electrifying aspects of the song.

Also, I think this song is the band's best version of alternative rock. The instrumentals do not overpower Sydney's singing. They intensify her vocal production to sound more engaging and provocative. This song sort of possesses the low-pitch and soothing orchestration of the blues genre, which adds rhythmic, dark, and shadowy elements to the music.

Lyrical Essence

My favorite song for lyrical essence is “Cassava.” The song appears to be about a girl trying to lure in a guy to partake in an adventurous relationship with her. At the beginning of the song, she starts out feeling lonesome and undesirable but later finds herself reassured by the captivating persona of her love interest. The girl seems to possess a rebellious and unlovable character, yet envisions her lover bringing the “good girl” out of her. Sydney's pleasantly fierce singing amplifies the unapologetic nature of the song and accentuates the dangerous love affair she sings about. Clearly, this song is very hopeless romantic.

Final Thoughts

I give Bad Reed’s music a 9.5 out of 10 rating.

This band is very impressive, as their debut studio EP has an overwhelmingly positive impact on my perception of their art. I think they have set themselves on a successful track as budding musicians.