Daniel Grinberg was born in Buenos Aires and was exposed to music at an early age. He began playing musical instruments around the age of four years old and has been an active musician ever since. The range of instruments he learned to play during his youth include an Argentinian flute called “tonete,” guitar, and piano. Music was an enjoyable outlet for Daniel to escape the frustrations of not doing well in school and to express his bountiful artistry. He eventually went on to study music at Tel Aviv University for five years. His extraordinary talent led to years of composing music for television and plays, with experience in creating electronic and jazz music.

His latest album Short Stories was released on October 29th, with sounds similar to The Cranberries and U2.

Vocal Display

The album involves singing from three different vocalists: two females (Alex and Aveva Dese) and one male (Yoav Arbel). Both of the female vocalists have very mellow and lovable singing. It is rather smooth and careful in expression, with heartfelt depth. The singing contrasts nicely with the luminous and bold instrumentals, at least for some songs. One of the singers is really good at belting powerfully high notes, with admirable durability, which can be heard in the song “Hey You.” The male vocalist has an earnest and deep-felt singing voice. His voice carries abysmal qualities that can put listeners in a deep mood.

Favorite song for vocals: “Hey You”


Daniel as well as three other musicians (Moar Swartzberg, Tal Tamari, Yoav Arbel) are responsible for the instrumentation. They collectively play a handful of instruments: guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and percussion. Besides the acoustic melodies and cadenced beats, the album presents what I consider ambient sound effects.

They give off a tranquil energy that is easy on the ears. There is an aura of simplicity in the sounds of the instrumentals that is worth appreciating, as if they have healing qualities. Some songs have appearances of retro sounds that make them nostalgic and down-to-earth.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “The Forest”

Lyrical Essence

The lyrics convey positive messages of having a healthy outlook on life.

This includes subject matter like having good self-esteem and following one's dreams. Songs that embody this kind of meaning are “80 Years” and “House of Dreams.” Such songs possess a sober energy, which encourages sound reflection. On the flipside, the album includes lyrical essence that expresses downsides of life, such as missing out on love. You can hear this being sung in the song “Michaela.” Some song lyrics also express a deep appreciation for the small, ordinary, and beautiful things in life, such as an intriguing scenery of nature and the value of time.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Michaela”

Final Thoughts

I give this album a 9 out of 10 rating. I admire the unique arrangement of singers, as they all sound very different in the album, but they are compatible with one another.

In addition to the singing, I think the instrumentation is very clear and crisp, which is very lovely to listen to. I think Daniel should consider doing more fast-paced music for his albums in the future, with electronic beats. Overall, he has shown he is a gifted musician.

What do you think of this album?