Michael J Wells:Height / weight?

Sherita Moss: 5’9”, 119lbs.

MW: Describe your life growing up.

SM: I grew up on the south side of Chicago...the oldest of a total of 8. 16 if you include my siblings from my father's side. Growing up I was a huge tom-boy and I loved dancing very very much.

MW: Describe your modeling experience; how did you start?

SM: It was back in high school. After seeing my senior prom pictures, a lot of my peers were complimenting me on how good I looked in a dress. A lot of them thought i should be a model after seeing me in a dress for the first time.

Started off as a competitor on America's Next Top Model...I didn't go far, but I didn't let it end there. I used to dance in night clubs as a hype girl and competed in underground vogue competitions. I grew up watching Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell walk the runway...One day one of my good friends that I used to vogue with put me on to a photographer who pretty much spread my pictures all over and referred a lot of other photographers and designers to me. It took off from there.

MW: Type of modeling you prefer (promo, runway, glam, fashion, urban, etc.)?

SM: I definitely prefer runway. That is my sanctuary! I love to walk! I also do promo modeling, glamour, fashion, and still get bookings as a professional dancer.

MW: Briefly describe a fun photoshoot that you were on

SM: I did a shoot at the Art Institute of Phoenix involving flour. I was completely covered in flour! Hair and all, and the photographer thought it'd be cool to create movement with the flour on me and being that I have a strong dancing background, I went bananas in that studio.

It was so fun!

MW: Favorite model/inspiration?

SM: My all-time favorite model is Naomi Campbell hands down. The way she moves...it's very lioness-like. I'm also inspired by Kate Moss and Tyra Banks. I love them and I feel like I connect deeply with them.

MW: How do you stay in shape? Do you have a routine, or is it easy to stay fit with your daily activities?

SM: I do a lot of Yoga, Pilates, and dancing. And currently doing a 100 days of Abs challenge...On top of that I still play ball from time to time. I also watch what I eat on a weekly basis. I do a lot of juicing, I stopped drinking so much coffee and switched to drinking more green tea instead.

MW:Compare Phoenix’ fashion scene to other markets

SM: Most of the cities I've worked in there has always been model work available. I will get booked to do maybe two things at a time, and the next thing I know I'd be getting bookings on top of bookings in that same city. Well, here in Phoenix, things are a bit different. There's a slight drought here and there, whereas in other cities I've worked in you're always on the go!

MW: What is your favorite charity or cause?

SM: Breast Cancer Charities are my favorite. I lost my aunt to Breast Cancer a few years ago. Seeing her lose her battle to Breast Cancer really moved me to do something about it. She made me realize how important it is to spread awareness about Breast Cancer and ways to prevent getting Breast Cancer.

MW: Most rewarding moment or experience?

SM: I remembered when I did a fashion show for an African designer and it was a family friendly show, so there were kids also in attendance. I was walking towards the end of the runway and out of nowhere the kids all rushed to the stage screaming my name and wanting to shake my hand. I couldn't help but to reach out and touch their hands in the same way those kids touched my heart. I never thought about how many people know of me and my work. That was like a confirmation that I'm doing the right thing.

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