Bungie has released this week’s TWAB blog post for “Destiny 2” and oh boy it tackled a lot. One of the biggest announcements is the return of Trials of Osiris that is set to go live today. Before this, the developer also addressed several concerns that were brought up by the community which includes perks like Bottomless Grief and Celerity. Players also called out the developer regarding enemies that are “teleporting so badly” within Gambit. These were raised over on the DestinyTheGame subreddit as they have gained quite the traction among players.

‘Awful design choice’

The perks Celerity and Bottomless Grief got some attention a couple of days back as it was suggested by u/discourage on his Reddit to retire the perks’ “awful design choice.” Per the OP, these traits in the looter shooter “does virtually nothing” until all of his teammates have been eliminated. For the player, “it feels unrewarding” for him when either these perks roll on a weapon or when all of his teammates are all out. He went on to state that situational perks such as these are “too niche” and need to be taken out of “Destiny 2.”

Gambit's teleporting enemies

Meanwhile, u/EdelweisProphet encountered these teleporting enemies on Gambit alongside a clip as proof.

The OP observed that a Blocker teleported through the floor and the bank was locked permanently. He added that four Guardians were standing around a flat bank while the enemy just wins. It’s the worst instance that he’d seen according to the OP. If the number of upvotes is anything to go by, it may well seem that a lot of “Destiny 2” players have fallen victim to this emerging issue.

In response

Bungie’s Senior Community Manager – Dmg – took notice of the posts and addressed these concerns. According to him, they’ve been collecting players’ feedback regarding such perks in “Destiny 2” as they’re already aware of it.

As for those teleporting enemies in the game, he admitted that he “never seen a blocker pull sh*t before,” though they’ve spotted others “in pieces of geometry.”

Missing mods in ‘Destiny 2’

Over on Twitter, Dmg also responded to a tweet talking about missing mods in the game. This was brought up by Ralph from the YouTube gaming news channel "Skill Up." In his tweet, he asked if players do really need to follow a specific Twitter account just to check if an NPC vendor in “Destiny 2” will be selling an item that could permanently and drastically transform their gaming experience because they weren’t able to back in the day.

Just like the first two, the “Destiny 2” dev team is also well aware of it according to Dmg.

He then revealed that “this is something they’re excited to solve,” though made it clear that there will be no changes in the short term. He went on to state that more details about it will be disclosed as soon as they arise.