The Presage Exotic quest is well underway in “Destiny 2,” and Guardians can now run the mission as they will be rewarded with Tex Mechanica’s lever-action scout rifle – Dead Man’s Tale once completed. The weapon’s cool and all, but the player base got a bit of request to Bungie as they found out that the weapon’s brought random rolls just like its fellow Exotic Hawkmoon.

It Will not be a trend in ‘Destiny 2’

Reddit user RedraceRocket was among those who requested, as he noted over on the “Destiny 2” subreddit, to not make random rolls on Exotics “a common thing” in the game.

He added that it was “only supposed to be for Hawkmoon due to the randomness of the gun itself.” As of writing, the post already amassed over 10K upvotes – a clear indication that the majority of the “D2” community is in unison with the OP.

Bungie’s Senior Community Manager Dmg responded to this concern through a tweet bearing the same sentiment. Per Drewsky’s (@DrewskysChannel) tweet, he too is not a fan of random roll Exotics. He explains that this move diminishes both the Exotic hand cannon and other weapons on that class “as a curated experience and deterministic loot."

As for Dmg, he noted that their dev team “isn’t planning to do this for all Exotics” in the game moving forward. He pointed out, however, that the Hawkmoon “was the first,” and more of these random rolls could be seen in the future.

He stated that albeit being a “fun new tool in the toolbox,” this may not be seen again for a while.

Others hoping it’s the last of it

While the OP was pretty much satisfied with the community manager’s response, others want it to be the last.

There’s even one down in the comments who threatened to stop playing the looter shooter if such becomes a trend or if Bungie begins implementing the sunset of Exotics (please don’t).

Presage praise

The Presage Exotic quest itself, on the other hand, has been getting a lot of praise from the “Destiny 2” community. Known “Destiny 2,” content creator Datto described it as outstanding, adding that the new Exotic quest is better than the Harbinger.

Ralph from the YouTube channel Skill Up also tweeted that the mission was phenomenal. He also stated that “it is a reminder of how deep and flexible the game is as a platform” and commended Bungie for their skills in using “D2” to deliver experiences that are “so outside” of players’ expectations.

Destiny 2’s” Assistant Game Director – Joe Blackburn, also revealed that he got to play Season of the Chosen’s early iteration. He predicted that the current season would rule after playing the Cosmodrome Battleground alongside the Salvager’s Salvo grenade launcher...then he got to play Presage.