Taniks The Abomination sure is a tough one to crack as he is the final boss in “Destiny 2’s” Deep Stone Crypt raid. There is a Guardian, however, came across with a method that allows them to solo the said raid boss in the game easily.

Discovered by just messing around

This trick was discovered by TheDeadlySong, which has been gaining quite a traction among the “Destiny 2” community. According to him, someone from their Fireteam already had a Taniks checkpoint adding that they are just messing around with The Prospector Exotic to see how far they can get the raid banner up there.

For the heck of it, he said that he drew a Nova Bomb towards the raid boss before getting eliminated. He then noticed that a bit of life from Taniks’ health bar was chipped off from it and felt that they’re onto something here to which they are.

For some weird reason, they’ve observed that any damage inflicted to the raid boss after being eliminated did not trigger the encounter. He added that weapons that a player “can shoot off and make it hit Taniks” before being eliminated would most likely do damage to the boss. There are even some weapons that can do more damage than the others, like the Eyes of Tomorrow. However, TheDeadlySong pointed out that they haven’t explored much on which weapons are the most effective in the recently discovered exploit.

Trying out the new ‘Destiny 2’ cheese

“Destiny 2” player/content creator Esoterickk tried it for himself and stated that a player eventually does enough damage to get it low enough that one can defeat Taniks on spawn. In his video, he used many Nova Bombs alongside a build to get it back as quickly as possible. He noted that other builds could also be used, but he believes that his video is the simplest and easiest to replicate overall.

Further, “Destiny 2” players can also use the D.A.R.C.I. Exotic sniper rifle to check Tanik’s life bar through its zoom-in function. The YouTuber suggested getting the raid boss down to three or lesser before triggering the encounter and ultimately beating Taniks. This will guarantee a solo raid completion on Raid Report (if you’re vying for that) alongside the raid clear and the triumph.

Esoterickk also revealed that it took him quite a while to beat Taniks using this method (one hour and 40 minutes). He also pointed out the part in the video where his character stood allowed him to get close enough to the boss to activate Dynamo minus the boss spawn. He went on to note that “it’s a pretty silly way” to solo Taniks in this “Destiny 2” raid, but it’s a possibility for now.

Likely to get patched

As of writing, Bungie has yet to address this newly discovered cheese in “Destiny 2.” Players can still go out there and beat Taniks to get that solo achievement. It is, however, pretty much possible that the game maker will patch this.