This week’s TWAB post has just announced the return of Trials of Osiris in “Destiny 2.” Just as when everyone thought that the winning trade exploits been fixed on the said game mode, it looks like it just got worse.

Win trade never left

Destiny 2” players are by now acquainted with the “D2” content creator known as Luckyy 10P, who exposed the said method. Well, he’s back once again and revealed that a lot of Guardians have called him out to tell him that win trading (a.k.a. Hakke method) is still in the game. It was also revealed that players who do it had found a workaround to get those Flawless easily.

In his recent upload, the YouTuber said that he did some investigating alongside some of his friends to see if what other players are saying is true. According to him, they loaded into a game, disconnected, and discovered that he could rejoin the same character.

The confirmation came in when they transferred over to an overseas server as they’ve discovered that win trading is very much alive, and the Hakke emblem is still widely used. What’s new about the method is that instead of using a burner account, the players they’ve encountered there are using their very own “Destiny 2” accounts.

Burner characters this time

It was baffling for Luckyy at first because if these players are on their main accounts, what are their chances of them getting Flawless?

If two teams loaded in while one of them gives Flawless to the other, things don’t add up since any of them will get seven wins straight. After a few tries, however, they’ve finally figured out what’s going on.

They’ve noticed it in one of the players as it was found out that the burner accounts that these win traders once used were replaced by what Luckyy calls burner characters.

This, according to the YouTuber, made win trading way easier than previously revealed. That said, he added that this Hakke method within Trials in “Destiny 2” “is ten times worse now than it ever was before.” He even went on to predict the game mode’s cancelation due to this.

Further, he explained that players would just have to consistently switch characters and assign one name as being a burner character.

Luckyy added that this issue Bungie tried to solve has now become a bigger problem.

‘Destiny 2’ devs have yet to address this

Trials Report even made a tweet as which is pretty much telling what’s going on within Trials as of late. Now that this win trading method has gained notoriety within the “Destiny 2” community, it is certain that players who are doing it will be off the charts.

At the time of writing, Bungie has yet to address this issue within Trials...again. Here's to hoping that the game mode won't get canceled a second time.