Another week, another Community Crunch. In this week’s installment of “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” official blog post, game developer Studio Wildcard rolled out an update about the game’s next DLC - “ARK: Genesis 2.” Also, the game maker provided a sneak peek at a new tame that Survivors should expect as soon as the fifth expansion goes live.

‘ARK: Gen 2’ in May

This is pretty frustrating news, Survivors. The developer kicked off this week’s blog post revealing that the supposed next month’s release of “ARK: Genesis 2” will be pushed back to May 26 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia.

The developer explained that it was due to the ongoing global health debacle we’ve been experiencing since last year. This resulted in the Studio resorting to adapt to a work-from-home setting noting that this presented several constraints along the way. They went on to note admitting that such work setup “is quite challenging for various teams.”

Another challenge Wildcard’s facing is how they would close their dino survival title. It is without a doubt that “ARK: Survival Evolved” is something close to their hearts, and they want to honor it as their proper send-off.

Philosophical changes

The Studio also detailed a couple of what they call “significant philosophical changes” that will go alongside “ARK: Genesis 2’s” release:

  • The entirety of the map is “open and livable” and with “minimal no-build zones.”
  • Creatures, structures, and items on the said expansion will help Survivors improve both their QoL and gameplay.

The “ARK” community was pretty much frustrated with the announcement.

Some are not surprised by it as they knew that it’s bound to happen.

Survivors’ are expecting it

In line with this, on Twitter, the sentiments are in unison.

One “ARK” player tweeted about Wildcard, asking for some understanding about their current situation due to the ongoing health crisis. Still, the developer’s penchant for pushing back the game’s expansion has been going on for the past six years.

The tweet added that the only instance that didn’t happen was during “ARK’s” early days when they (Wildcard) were rolling out weekly updates.

Later on, it turned into monthly released, to which the OP pointed out that it all missed. It went on to state, “for the big chance to say ‘we got it together for ARK 2 you can trust in us,’ that ball just got dropped again.”


Meanwhile, an upcoming creature was also teased by the developer. Dubbed the Voidwyrm, it was described by Wildcard as a “powerful and challenging new tame” that will be introduced in “ARK: Genesis 2.” Additional details about this mechanized creature have yet to be disclosed by the developer, and Blasting News will be there as soon as they arise.

Hidden Tek

Meanwhile, the “ARK” content creator known as Anthomnia may have just stumbled upon a little secret that could be in connection to either “Genesis 2” or “ARK 2.” In his video, he focused on the Tek suit that was posted on the latest blog post. He then showed the ship in the first “Genesis,” where he showed a hidden Tek suit strikingly similar to the blog post. Below it is a pair of arms which made him a bit creeped out.

The youtuber theorized that Wildcard could be adding “ARK 2’s” protagonist – Santiago, though he could be wrong. Whatever the developer is doing on this part of the game sure is interesting to see how things will go down in the game’s final DLC.