A couple of recently discovered glitches/bugs have been found yet again in “Destiny 2.” There’s a glitch that allows Guardians to shoot through walls while the other involves the Titans that will enable them to fly.

Shooting through walls

Cheese Forever uploaded a clip detailing how the former can be replicated. Per the video, the trick needs a grenade launcher provided that it has the right perk on it. He noticed that ‘nade launchers with shots that either stick to targets or those that bounce are likely the type that will go through specific doors.

That said, launchers donning perks like Thermoplastic Grenades will do the trick. Cheese pointed out, however, that the Spike Grenades perk with The Mountaintop doesn’t seem to trigger the glitch, but the Salvo does add that this needs further testing. The YouTuber went on to state that “any number of perks or frame types may cause the weapons not to work.”

It’s also worth noting that the said glitch will not work on all doors in “Destiny 2.” Any door that can be opened, however, has the potential to glitch out.

Exodus Blue... again

Meanwhile, in Exodus Blue, there’s a strange bug going on, allowing Titans to fly across this Trials map. According to the “Destiny 2” content creator Luckyy 10P, the glitch can be triggered by jumping, hitting the turn-back zone, and then doing a melee.

Instead of doing a melee, players can also do a super to replicate this glitch, not to mention that it can be performed anywhere within the map.

The “Destiny 2” community is pretty much acquainted with the issues that have plagued Exodus Blue. An example of this is the Skybox, where players are launched at insane heights via the Exotic Grenade Launcher Salvation’s Grip.

Another bug was a specific metal box on the map where Guardians can shoot straight right through it. These issues were fixed by Bungie, though it looks like there’s another one that needs to get resolved as this could be game-breaking.

‘Destiny 2’ community’s request to Bungie

As for Bungie, the developer recently addressed their player base's request over on the “Destiny 2” Reddit about their employees to refrain from playing Trials with streamers of the looter shooter.

According to the post, the “employees who engage in Trials might have a better appreciation for how the mode feels for normal players if they didn’t get carried on the regular by famous streamers” who the OP believes to be “always looking to score points” with the game maker.

This post from user goes bongo has been getting quite the attention among fellow players to which Community Manager took notice of it and responded to it. He noted that it’s their way to gather feedback from the “Destiny 2” community, adding that he doesn’t want to be taken as they only listen to these streamers.

He further stated that aside from gathering feedback from their social media channels, they also get it from their colleagues and friends.

Dmg went on to point out that Trials still has room for improvement to make it “a friendlier experience for players” and not just the so-called sweats in “Destiny 2.”