Prince Harry loves rugby and, on Rugby League's 125th birthday, he revealed that he would have attended the celebrations in the UK but the COVID-19 crisis was proving to be an obstacle, making her unable to Travel. On the occasion, he participated in a virtual call with staff and volunteers associated with the Rugby Football League. It was from his newly acquired mansion in Santa Barbara. He conducted his first-ever quiz on Zoom and said – “We've got a whole Rugby League world cup coming next year. I definitely plan on coming back. I would have been back already had it not been for COVID.” He appeared to be in high spirits while interacting with the participants and enquired about how they had kept themselves fit.

He invited former Rugby League player Ellery Hanley to the virtual event. He happens to be the first Black head coach of a major UK sports team.

Daily Mail UK says Prince Harry admired the way those associated with Rugby League came together in this period. They are part of a family that has made it possible for the sport to thrive for over 125 years. He also mentioned his admiration for the speed and bravery of the players and talked about the contribution of rugby to local communities. He made no bones about the fact that watching Rugby League was exhausting, saying, “Listen I spent 10 years in the army, I know what endurance is all about.

But it's madness. Full respect to anyone that plays the game, I think it's amazing, and a lot of people would be jealous not to be part of that community.”

Rugby can bring families together

Prince Harry described rugby as a game that has the power to bring families and people together. It is immaterial whether one is in the stands, or is a player, fan, or just a first-time watcher.

The game acts as a binding agent for every single person and helps to spread the family feeling. Daily Mail UK adds that there were six questions in the quiz and Harry explained that this was a new experience for him. He had hosted the World Cup draw at Buckingham Palace in January. It was soon after his announcement of plans to step back from royal duty.

The 2021 Rugby League World Cup is scheduled for between October 23 and November 27, in England.

Harry has other things in mind apart from rugby

Daily Mail UK hinted at the possibility for Prince Harry and Meghan to visit the UK next year for a few important engagements. Omid Scobie, co-author of their biography "Finding Freedom" indicates the royal couple could have a number of reasons to be in Britain during spring and summer of 2021. They are Celebrities and have the Invictus Games in March. Later, in June it will be Trooping the Colour followed next month by the unveiling of the new statue of Princess Diana.

Omid adds – “Harry and Meghan have made it clear that their work in the UK, including their royal patronages, will continue. While their base will be in the US, I think once travel restrictions ease we will see them moving around again and undertaking trips to the UK, both privately and professionally.”

Prince Harry is the patron of the Rugby Football League

According to Sky News, Prince Harry admits that coronavirus stopped him from going back to the UK. He also revealed he has plans to do so for the Rugby League World Cup. He is the patron of the Rugby Football League and the world cup is due to be held at different venues across England in the winter of 2021.

The League is 125 years old and during a video call to celebrate the occasion, The Prince said, “Watching rugby league is exhausting, I don't know how you do it. I spent 10 years in the Army, I know what endurance is all about but it's madness. Full respect to anyone who plays the game, I think it's amazing. I think a lot of people would be jealous not to be part of that community." In October 2019, a typhoon struck Japan and affected some matches of the Rugby World Cup. However, next month Prince Harry was there for the Rugby World Cup final. He went alone and Meghan stayed back at home with Archie.