"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games has performed numerous experiments with the video game, which is a big reason why it's become so popular. Back in December 2017, just a few months after the video game was released, its creator released 50v50, the first limited-time game mode. Later on, Epic Games released many other game modes which allowed players to try something different and take a break from the three regular playlists.

What made the 50v50 limited-time game mode unique was the fact that it was the first big-team game mode. It included two teams, consisting of 50 players each, and was mostly played by casual players.

During Season 6, Team Rumble game mode was released and it was quickly turned into a permanent game mode with respawn. Epic Games revealed that this mode is going to get massive changes in the upcoming season, which is a piece of great news.

Team Rumble to get big changes on February 20

One of the developers posted a Reddit thread about the upcoming changes to Team Rumble in Chapter 2, Season 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale." Considering that this is one of the most popular game modes and that the announced changes are really good, the community has had a positive reaction to the post.

Starting with the next season, weapons in Team Rumble will have a Rare (blue) or a better rarity. This means that gray (common) and green (uncommon) weapons will be completely removed, although gray and green items, such as the small shield potions, will still be available in the mode.

Furthermore, bandages will be removed from the mode as they aren't used by many players, and skill-based matchmaking will no longer be active.

Glider redeployment will not take an inventory slot in the next season, which means that players will be able to use all five slots while also being able to redeploy their gliders at any point.

The winning team will have to get to 125 eliminations to win a Team Rumble match next season, and all of the players will start with 150 of each building material.

Epic Games wants to bring 50v50 mode back

The original big-team game mode may be brought back in Chapter 2, Season 2. Reddit user flapjack626 asked Epic Games if they plan on adding this mode back, and the answer was positive.

However, the development team has to optimize the current island for the 50v50 limited-time game mode first.

"Yeah we want to run it again, as well, but it doesn't perform very well on the new island. We need to do a bunch of optimizations, in general, but 50s, in particular, needs performance improvements before we can run it again," is what EpicDustyDevo replied to the Reddit user. Considering that the mode features 100 players and that most of them are alive after a few minutes of the match, this answer makes a lot of sense.