Chapter 2, Season 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" is just around the corner! After two delays, Epic Games has finally decided to release the new season on February 20 and players cannot wait for it to come out! In the past few days, the video game developer has released several teasers to build the hype around the new season. It appears that all of these teasers are a part of an alternate reality game where players need to figure it out and find out what is going to happen in the next season.

Since February 17, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" creator has released seven different image teasers over social network profiles.

In addition, a couple of teasers have also appeared in the game. The teaser which came out around 7 PM Eastern Time on February 18 hints at massive destruction that could come with the new season.

The destruction caused by a nuke

The aforementioned teaser is the word "Danger" written over it in different languages. The main part of it is the nuke (or a torpedo) that has "KA-BOOM" written over its surface. Considering that Season X ended with a massive explosion and destruction of the entire island, Epic Games may bring even more destruction before the next season. Many players want to see major changes to the in-game island, and destroying certain parts of it would definitely be a positive change!

What makes the teaser even more interesting is the map outline in the top left corner. It turns out that this outline matches the outline of the southwestern part of the island, which most likely means that the upcoming season will bring an Oil Rig landmark next to Slurpy Swamp.

This was the second map outline, and there is a chance that, in this case, it indicates the part of the map which will be destroyed and replaced by something else.

Furthermore, the teaser released on February 19 at 9 AM Eastern Time hints at the same event. The teaser shows a rocket, which could be a reference to the Visitor's rocket which played a big part in the Season X destruction event.

The brightened version of the teaser shows what looks like docks in the background. While this could be the image of Dirty Docks, the location that is already on the island, it could also be the image of the upcoming oil rig. After all, no one can guarantee that Epic Games will keep the current "Fortnite Battle Royale" island in the game after this season, although it is very likely that the map change will be as big as it was at the start of Chapter 2.

Chapter 2, Season 2 release date

Epic Games has confirmed that the new season is coming out on February 20. However, the current release time is currently unknown, but considering that most of the big updates were released at 4:00 AM Eastern Time, we can expect the next one to follow suit.