Epic Games added a lot of new content to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with the release of Chapter 2, Season 2, on February 20. After a four-month wait, and the longest season in the video game's history, the game creator did a great job of adding new things and making the game feel fresh again. The island has been updated with new locations, there is a new Battle Pass and, once again, Epic Games made several gameplay changes.

A few items were removed from the game with the latest update, like the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. However, Epic Games has also added numerous new items, including Mythic weapons and a Decoy Grenade.

The new grenade in "Fortnite Battle Royale" is very useful in certain situations, but it turns out that players can also use it to gain materials very quickly. This was most likely not intended and the game developer could disable material gathering in the next patch.

Gaining quick materials using decoys

The new Decoy Grenade comes in a stack of three and each grenade creates one decoy. Decoys are basically clones of the player, and they mostly just run around to confuse enemies into shooting them. While this item isn't useful in every situation, it can help players escape some close fights or simply heal up while enemies are focusing on decoys. However, "Fortnite" players have found a useful trick with Decoy Grenades, and Epic Games may have to do something about it soon.

In the Arena mode, players utilize the Siphon mechanic to gain extra health and shield, as well as extra resources after every elimination. Siphon rewards players with 50 effective health and 50 of each building material after they take an opponent down. For some weird reason, friendly decoys count as enemies in the Arena mode, and after they disappear, players get 150 building materials per decoy.

Basically, one stack of Decoy Grenades gives players 450 of each building material, which is almost the maximum since the Arena mode is capped at 500 of each material.

It is very unlikely that Epic Games has done this on purpose, so we can expect this trick to be disabled in the next update. Right now, carrying Decoy Grenades is a smart move in the competitive modes as players can basically exchange decoys for resources whenever they want.

Next update

We can expect Epic Games to release another "Fortnite Battle Royale" update on Thursday, February 27. At the moment, it is unknown how often players will be getting updates, in the new season, but the community is hoping that updates will be more frequent than they were in Chapter 2, Season 1. The next update will most likely fix this trick with Decoy Grenades, so use it before it's removed!