Chapter 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has brought numerous changes to the game, but the first season of it has been the longest season ever. Season 1 of the new chapter kicked off in October 2019 and after two extensions, its final ending date has been set for February 20, 2020. The season was originally supposed to end in December 2019, but then Epic Games had postponed it for early February, before giving it a final release date.

Now, less than a week until a new "Fortnite Battle Royale" season, players are getting more excited with every day to find out what the new season brings.

The game developer has teased the community with big changes in the new season, and it appears that one of these changes could be the implementation of a new building material. "Fortnite" data miners have recently found several files that indicate that a new building material could be released on February 20.

New building material in 'Fortnite Battle Royale'

Ever since "Fortnite Battle Royale" was released in September 2017, players had three building materials at their disposal: wood, brick, and metal. Wood has always been the weakest material and it is also the material which can be easily obtained as there are trees and fences almost everywhere on the island. Brick is much stronger than wood and can be obtained by breaking stones and walls, while metal is mostly gathered by destroying vehicles and it is much stronger than the other two materials.

For example, a wooden wall has 150 hits points, while the metal wall has 500. A metal wall, however, takes over 22 seconds to be completely built, while building a wooden wall takes less than four seconds.

Shortly after the v11.50 update came out, "Fortnite" data miners Lucas7yoshi has found a "gold prop" in the game data which looks like a book.

According to Dexerto, there is a theory that Epic Games has added this prop to introduce the gold building material with the release of Season 2 on February 20. What supports this theory is the fact that the data miner found some gold objects in the game data, and these objects would most likely have to be harvested with a pickaxe in order to obtain the new building material.

Furthermore, the new material would most likely be the strongest one and its supply would be limited.

Epic Games has hinted at big changes

Epic Games has announced that Season 2 of the new chapter will feature some big things, but none of them will most likely be revealed soon. However, considering that the new season starts in less than a week, we can expect to get a few leaks very soon. After all, Apple has leaked Chapter 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" while it was a big secret, so anything could happen.