"Fortnite Battle Royale" has made many gamers very successful and popular over past couple of years. Thanks to the popularity of the video game, some of streamers and content creators have earned millions of followers on their channels, and their lives have been completely changed. While being a famous "Fortnite" streamer is a dream of almost every single person who plays the game, some streamers simply cannot handle all that pressure and it is hard to be in constant spotlight.

Luke Munday, better known as MrDeadMoth, has had his life changed by "Fortnite" live streaming, but in a negative way.

While this player hasn't been successful when it comes to building a massive follower base, his Twitch channel has received a lot of traffic during December 2018 and January 2019. The reason for this was the video of the attack on his partner, and the streamer was sentenced to 14 months because of it.

The assault and the sentence

Munday attacked his pregnant partner during a live stream in early December 2018. The video, which was clipped on Twitch, has quickly become viral and seen by millions of people. While the attack cannot be seen in the camera frame, it was obvious that "MrDeadMoth" physically assaulted his then-partner who was pregnant with their third child. She asked him to come to dinner and distracted him from the game.

After he left the desk, she and a child could be heard screaming and yelling.

The streamer was at top 15 in a match and he kept playing the game. However, he once again had left his desk and attacked his partner. She threw objects at him before he struck her across her face and then pushed her to the ground. Munday pleaded guilty a few months ago, was sentenced to a 14-month community corrections order Picton Local Court, as reported by ABC.

Lawyer's comments

Munday's lawyer Steven Mercael argued that his client was a loving and caring person with no previous history of domestic violence. He also claimed that the streamer acted in self-defense and that he had lost his job because of media coverage that surrounded him for the past 11 months. Furthermore, Mercael added that the ongoing abuse from his partner was the reason why he snapped on the live stream, and that his client is remorseful for his actions.

Magistrate Mark Douglass said that he would have sent Munday to jail for an extended period of time if not for submissions made on his behalf. What makes this story even more interesting is that NSW Police investigated Munday's partner, Grace Campbell, because Munday claimed that he had been assaulted as well. Ms. Campbell has also been charged with common assault because she allegedly threw kettle at Munday.