Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” 11.10 update has just been rolled out where it introduced another wave of cosmetics, the Storm King Limited Time Mode, and “Fortnitemares.” Prior to its release, dataminers have already dug deep into the game files and leaked the battle royale shooter’s latest contents (mostly Halloween-themed items). That said, it looks like these leakers have discovered a few more as they’ve stumbled upon what could be a yet to be confirmed skin, not to mention that it came from an unreleased mobile title that’s being developed by Epic Games.

The Razor skin

Known “Fortnite” dataminer Lucas7yoshi (@ Lucas7yoshi) recently took to Twitter to reveal the above-mentioned skin. If the leaker’s tweet is anything to go by, the skin (Razor) came from Epic’s “Battle Breakers” title to which Lucas stated that it’s a game (mobile) being developed by the game maker for a couple of years now. The leaked skin also came with its own backbling.

Lucas admitted that he has little information about the said mobile game aside from it being in development since 2017 (according to the dataminer). He even checked the game’s Twitter account where he discovered that the last tweet was a couple of years ago.

The Skin Tracker, on the other hand, has an interactive 3D model of the Razor skin where one can have an in-depth look into it.

In line with this, FNBRUnreleased (@FNBRUnreleased) even managed to obtain an in-game footage of the skin performing some emotes.

‘Get over here!’

Lucas also tweeted out another upcoming item in the game – the Harpoon Gun. Per its description, it “pulls enemies to you and deals damage.” The weapon’s damage stats including its rarity and how to obtain it are yet to be disclosed by Epic.

Players who saw the weapon remind them of Scorpion from the “Mortal Kombat” franchise, while others think of “Overwatch’s” Roadhog. There were even some who see it as a “fishing rod for humans.

Meanwhile, details about “Fortnite’s” 11.10 update has been posted on the game’s website where it showcased what has been added into the BR shooter:

  • The Soccer Zombie outfits
  • The Storm King Pickaxe
  • The Cryptic Crusade bundle – to unlock the skin’s style options, players need to get both the Wrath Outfit and the Time Keeper backbling.
  • The Final Reckoning Pack – this includes the Catrina, Willow, and Blacklight Outfits alongside the Mourning Glory, Dolly, and Indigo Wings Back Blings
  • Storm King LTM – The game mode was temporarily disabled due to an issue, but it’s now up and running. Defeating this big baddie will reward players with a special umbrella.
  • A community-made game known as Gun Fright – It’s a 2v2 showdown where players will be “dropped into a fast-paced firefight.”
  • The Combine – part of the description reads, “an ancient evil has given it a nightmarish feel” as players will have to compete for the quickest time.