Fortnite: Battle Royale” players are very much acquainted with how Epic Games deals with cheaters in their popular BR shooter. One of the latest who got struck by the developer’s banhammer was FaZe Clan member Jarvis who just uploaded a very emotional video and it looks like he can no longer play the game for good.


The “Fortnite” pro is currently making the rounds online as it was discovered that he was using an aimbot in some of his YouTube clips. In his apology video, he revealed that he got a permanent ban from playing the game and admitted to using the said outlawed auto-aim feature in both of the game’s Solos and Playground modes.

He further explained that all he was thinking about while making those videos was how interesting and entertaining it was for his viewers without ever thinking how serious the repercussions will be.

Jarvis made it clear, however, that this was his first time doing such lapse of judgment while playing the game adding that he never performed it in a competitive setting. He went on to say that he should have paid more attention to “Fortnite’s” terms of service and its community rules and urged his fans to review them before doing something similar to what he just did.

At around 2:30 into the video, there’s already a bit of a struggle in mustering up what he’s trying to say now that it already sank into him that he can no longer play “Fortnite” nor create content related to the BR title.

He also said that the sanction will without a doubt bar him from going to ‘FNBR’-related events and even exploring other opportunities.

In the end, he expressed how disappointed he was to himself for not thinking about the consequences and wished that he could go back in time to make it all right. He also took to Twitter to apologize for his actions as he completely understood as to why it happened.

Comparing the Jarvis situation to a similar incident

Dexerto also covered Jarvis’ story noting that with the influence FaZe Clan has, it is likely that the gaming organization could do some convincing and have their member’s permaban be lowered or even removed.

The website also stated that Jarvis’ lifetime ban has been criticized by some players, not to mention that it is as of late being compared to XXiF and Ronaldo who were caught cheating/teaming in one of the Fortnite World Cup’s qualifiers.

The two just got suspended for a few weeks and after that slap to the wrist, they were able to compete in the World Cup finals to fans’ dismay. Nonetheless, whenever their faces were put on the big screen, they were constantly booed by spectators during the “Fortnite” event as if telling them that they shouldn’t be there.