The latest "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch has brought some big changes to the popular video game. The v11.20 patch, which was released on Wednesday, November 20, was the first Chapter 2 patch Epic Games has released notes for. While these notes have revealed the most important changes and additions that have come with the update, the video game developer has released more changes that haven't yet been covered with the blog post.

Campfires have been in "Fortnite Battle Royale" for a few seasons now, but Epic Games vaulted the Cozy Campfire, the trap healing item, at the start of Chapter 2.

Players can now use Foraged Campfires to restore their health. These can be found all over the island. The latest update has drastically buffed healing found in these places, and players can now survive much longer in the storm thanks to this change.

The massive buff is amazing

Foraged Campfires were added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" during Season 7 with the v7.30 Content Update. Before this, players had the ability to heal themselves with a campfire, but only by using the Cozy Campfire item. Epic Games has turned all the campfires on the island into healing items, allowing players to heal themselves while standing in their proximity.

Chapter 2 of the video game has brought Foraged Campfires back and they have kept their original healing rate, which was two hit points per second.

The latest update, however, has added the ability to make these campfires much more effective. Many players know that they can light up used campfires by spending 300 wood, but not many of them know that the healing speed can be drastically increased by spending only 30 wood!

After spending 30 wood to "stoke" the campfire, players will be healed three health points approximately every 0.5 seconds, or six hit points every second.

It is important to note that the campfire will give players an increased healing only for a limited duration, but players can spend 30 wood again to reset the timer and heal up very quickly. Campfires can be "stoked" even on the first use and it always costs 30 wood.

More 'Fortnite' changes

The latest "Fortnite Battle Royale" update has brought many other changes to the game, such as the nerf to the Tactical Shotgun.

The video game developer has also added new files regarding the Risky Reels event which is expected to happen in late December this year.

Players have also found out the glitch which makes their walls invisible. This glitch allows them to stay protected by walls while being completely aware of their enemies and their positioning. The next patch will hopefully fix this bug as many players are using it to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.