Fortnite: Battle Royale” is still one of the most popular games on the planet as it is played by gamers on almost all known platforms. However, console players have recently expressed their ire regarding the BR shooter’s performance since the Halloween update.

‘We’re tired of this’

Reddit user u/gamingsaber18’s post over on r/FortNiteBR is gaining some traction as of late. In it, he expressed his frustrations with the game when he plays it on console. Dubbed “On Behalf of All Console Players,” he opened it with a statement stating that they’re tired of it as he pointed out “Fortnite’s” “dismal” performance on the said platform as soon as the Halloween update went live.

The OP further explained that beyond the fact that console players don’t get 60 fps, there’s also the issue of players not being able to see anything during lightning and shadows. He also brought to light the concern with the game’s persistent stuttering and "absolute lack of communication” regarding the above-mentioned problems, including “forced crossplay.”

He added that, since the update, he could only run two to three matches because he just couldn’t have fun with all the skipping frames and inability to see at least 50 meters ahead without applying some color-blind settings.

The post also touched on the topic of “Fortnite’s” skill-based matchmaking (SBMM). According to the OP, it is so disadvantageous for console players to pair them up with their PC counterparts minus the siphon options.

The post gained a ton of upvotes, from fellow players, which pretty much indicates that they could relate to what the OP pointed out. Players also brought up other problems that they’ve encountered after the Halloween patch which include gliders not deploying, unable to do an emote without freezing to a minute or two, and textures not rendering.

Epic’s response

That said, someone from Epic Games responded to this and stated that they were already aware of the so-called hitching, on PlayStation 4, and assured their player base that they are now devising a solution to the issue. As for the concerns regarding inventory, it will be resolved in future updates.

Even though this was a response from the developer, it may well seem that the “Fortnite” community is not happy about it evidenced by the downvotes (-39 at the time of writing).

Some players, down in the comments, called out Epic after they seemed to forget to address the crossplay debacle.

Tfue on controller players

Meanwhile, popular “Fortnite” pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney expressed his ire about using controllers in tournaments. This after he got clapped by a controller player in the recent Cash Cup.

In his recent stream, he suggested the idea of having a mouse and keyboard Cash Cup as he felt that he won the match where he got eliminated. He further explained that he eliminated every PC player that he ran into during the match, but controller players just “out-aims” him. He went on to say that he can tell if an opponent has either an unnatural or natural aim adding that if he gets “sh*t on” by a player whom he feels has the former, he gets annoyed by it.